Monday, April 6, 2015

All Things Easter

I've slacked on blogging the past week. We've been overwhelmed with Easter activities and now things are calming down. Here's a recap of our Easter celebrations!

Last Saturday, March 28 at our neighborhood egg hunt

Remy and the bunny are BFF's this year!

"Come on, Mommy!"

My friend Janna and her girls were there too! My girls just love her girls!

And they're off!

The big girls held hands walking to the train. So sweet!

Palm Sunday, March 29 at our church

Rylie came in waving the branches and did a little performance that I didn't get great photos of. Then they did a little egg hunt too.

(Rylie's across the grass with the big kids. I promise Remy wasn't alone on the little kid side)

Girl Scout buddy Ella!

Rylie got a free Chick Fil-A meal for getting a prize egg!

Monday, March 30 Remy had a cute Easter gymnastics class

Lifting the bunny weights lol

Thursday was our overloaded day. An egg hunt my friend was going to do Wednesday got pushed back due to rain so everything was piled up Thursday!

Morning, Remy's preschool Easter party/egg hunt.

Break dancing in chapel lol She kept trying to spin on the carpet

Sweet girlfriends!

Like I said.....Remy + Bunny = BFF!

After her preschool, I took Remy home to nap and then Rylie came home on the bus and we headed to my friends house for a little egg hunt playdate. Remy was in a MOOD after her nap and refused to wear shoes and we almost just skipped the whole thing and stayed home, but Rylie was really sad at that thought of not going. So I got Remy in gear and we made it.

They played on the swingset all of 5 minutes and then Rylie was deathly afraid of the 15 huge bees flying around (and I kinda was too) so we went to sit down.

Remy was MAD at us! lol

Then the egg hunt started!

I told Rylie to let all the little kids get the eggs but there were 2 behind where we were sitting so I told her she could get those 2.

We had fun seeing several MOPS friends and having cute Easter snacks. 

Then we had to rush out for Rylie's Girl Scout meeting.

They let Remy help them in this activity. So cute!

Good Friday, April 3 Mimi picked up Rylie and I took Remy to a gymnastics Easter egg hunt/open gym. It was a little crazy with a lot of kids, but Remy had a BLAST!!! 

She kept walking along the beam during the egg hunt lol

At one point she just stopped hunting for eggs and hung from the bars with one hand like a monkey lol still holding her basket too!

Then she put the basket down and flipped over this bar about 9 times in a row. I think she was kinda over egg hunts by this point and just wanted to do her gymnastics! lol She had fun at open gym and was totally in her element.

And another visit with the bunny!

Showing me more skills before we headed out!

A sweet neighbor left us some treats by our door Friday! Yummm!!

We were supposed to attend Good Friday service, but David got home late and we hadn't had dinner yet and Remy couldn't wait until after church to eat. So we decided to stay home. Remy and Daddy made their own pizza while I picked up Indian chicken curry for me (I'm obsessed with that lately!)

Love her cute, proud face in these! She's good at making pizza and will actually EAT it too!

Ok, Easter Sunday will be up next!

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