Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kai's Outdoors Birthday Party

I took Rylie to a birthday party for our neighbor friends Saturday morning. It was a very "outdoors" party with scavenger hunt in a state park that's near us.

The girl scavenger hunt team

We saw an alligator. In the wild. Not in a zoo. Pretty cool!

Rylie's always asking about poison ivy, so I took this photo so she'd remember what it looks like. Whenever she goes to the Dr and they ask if she has any allergies, she tells them "poison ivy." lol She's never had it, but she just knows it's one thing she's allergic too (she's also now allergic to amoxicillin!)

Very peaceful state park. Can't believe I've lived near it 7 years and have never been here.

The girls team was 2nd place in the scavenger hunt!

Then it was time for fishing! Rylie had no problem grabbing worms, but of course an adult hooked it for her.

Unfortunately, they weren't into worms this day so we didn't catch one.

But she wants Daddy to take her back there and fish again now!

Time for lunch and cake!

Cute girlfriends

Happiest birthday Kai! Thanks for having us!

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