Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hibachi Birthday Dinner

Saturday we had a fun family birthday dinner for Craig (Gaga) at a hibachi restaurant!

Can you tell Remy was excited to see Mimi and Gaga?!!

Gaga, Mimi, Rylie

McCrary brothers and Remster

Our side of the table

Remy's reaction to the initial fire lol

Rylie had been here before with Mimi so she was accustomed to the fire already

Remy the whole time the guy did his tricks and cooked the food lol

Then her chopsticks became drum sticks!

Sweet girl!

Onion volcano!

Our girls LOVE the plain white sticky rice!

Cooking our dinner!

We laughed all night about how much more cultured Rylie is than me! This was my first hibachi experience, but I was born in Okinawa and have known how to eat with chopsticks all my life. Rylie's a pro at them too!

And they gave the girls free ice cream at the end. Enough said. 

Happy birthday, Gaga! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you!!

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