Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Gymnastics Bring A Friend Day

Remy's gymnastics class had a "bring a friend" day this week so Remy brought her boyfriend Noah who was in MOPS with her last year. We don't hardly get to see them anymore, so I'm glad they could make it and us moms could catch up while our kids did their thing!

They did this all on their own! So cute!!

Everything was rodeo themed since it started this weekend in Houston! Remy's lasso-ing the cone "bull" on the horsey!

Big deal! Remy did a "skin the cat" move on the bars all by herself for the first time!! (Hanging on bars, bring your feet up to the bars in front of your face, then flipping backwards where your feet go over your head) So proud of her!

Hugs after class was over! Noah did so good being his first gymnastics class ever! Remy loved having a friend with her and asked about him the rest of the day lol Hopefully more playdates can be arranged this Summer!

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