Monday, March 2, 2015

Friday Funday with Friends!

We had a big Friday full of fun with lots of friends!!

First, Remy and I were invited to join some friends at a new toddler play place really close to our house and we actually had nothing planned so we were excited to join them!

Remy loved flipping over this bar, but of course wouldn't do it once I started recording!

Her favorites were the roller coasters of course!

Ball pit with Kate!

Ride it, cowgirl!

Where's Remy??

She kept jumping into this ball pit acting out the Madeline scene where she falls off the bridge, then she'd thrash around the balls yelling "help! help!" like on the movie. I had to be her disclaimer for the other moms' concerned looks that she's just acting out a movie scene LOL

This is what happens when she jumps in front of the camera right when I take a picture....underwater Remy ha!

After playing a couple hours, I took her to lunch just us 2 at our favorite, Chick-Fil-A. Poor girl hasn't had much mommy time this week since I was preparing for a huge consignment sale.

Everything I had to hang, tag, and deliver to consignment Wednesday. It was worth it though! And Remy before school Thursday.

Then Friday night our Sunday School class got our families together for bowling!

Rylie's Sunday School bff who lives in another neighborhood.

Remy thinks she's a pro now lol

The big girls!

Our whole group!

Remy didn't have a great nap so she was losing it towards the end and Rylie was so good and ate all her dinner, so I treated her to some frozen yogurt after bowling while David took Remy home for bed. Such a fun Friday and great way to kick off the weekend!

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