Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bunny Ready

So I really failed at St Patty's this year. I didn't dress the girls in anything for it and I didn't pack a cute holiday lunch like last year. They both had school last Tuesday and Remy's was Rodeo picture day, so I just didn't mess with the green. #Irishfail 

We did make this yummy Shepherd's Pie though for dinner! (photo from Taste of Home)

The girls helped me put flowers into pots in the rain Saturday and we finally hung up my new Spring wreath and got all the Easter decor out!

Rylie insisted we buy Daisies, since she's a Daisy Girl Scout! So I got the purple flowers for Remy, her favorite color.

Spring mantle!

End table in the living room. I really should change out the Easter picture from when Rylie was 5 months old! Ha!

I love putting out children's board books for holidays to help with the decor on the coffee table! It's also a good way to remind me to read them while we're still in that holiday! lol

Front entry table with the new bunny picture

Little bunny on the front half bath door

Decorated the corner of our kitchen a little with some plastic eggs in this new fruit holder

My dining room table's the same every year but I still love it all Spring-y looking!!

Nothing like waiting until 2 weeks before Easter to finally get this stuff out! 

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