Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bunny Ready

So I really failed at St Patty's this year. I didn't dress the girls in anything for it and I didn't pack a cute holiday lunch like last year. They both had school last Tuesday and Remy's was Rodeo picture day, so I just didn't mess with the green. #Irishfail 

We did make this yummy Shepherd's Pie though for dinner! (photo from Taste of Home)

The girls helped me put flowers into pots in the rain Saturday and we finally hung up my new Spring wreath and got all the Easter decor out!

Rylie insisted we buy Daisies, since she's a Daisy Girl Scout! So I got the purple flowers for Remy, her favorite color.

Spring mantle!

End table in the living room. I really should change out the Easter picture from when Rylie was 5 months old! Ha!

I love putting out children's board books for holidays to help with the decor on the coffee table! It's also a good way to remind me to read them while we're still in that holiday! lol

Front entry table with the new bunny picture

Little bunny on the front half bath door

Decorated the corner of our kitchen a little with some plastic eggs in this new fruit holder

My dining room table's the same every year but I still love it all Spring-y looking!!

Nothing like waiting until 2 weeks before Easter to finally get this stuff out! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Last Week and 7 Acre Woods

Last week was "rodeo" week at Remy's school and if you live in Houston, it's pretty much a holiday around here! Her school has picture day for it, special lunch, etc. She was just mostly excited to wear her red cowgirl boots a friend passed down to us!

I've never owned a pair of boots and I've never bought either of my girls any, but it was fun to have something to dress up in this year for rodeo week!

Wednesday night I went to a going-away-dinner for a MOPS friend. This is vain, but I had to take a photo of my hair because I'll never get this to work again and I loved it!

My friend Jen is moving to Chile next week! She's been in MOPS the past 3 years and started out at my table and has been on leadership with me the past 2 years.

There's so much change coming this Summer. I don't like change at all and I can feel when it's coming. I had this weird feeling thinking about this dinner and literally that day my church sent out a message that our Pastor of 7 years is leaving us in July. His wife is a Girl Scout leader with me and we've just been really involved with our little church, so it's a drastic change. He's our only Pastor and right now there's nobody picked to take his place, so I'm pretty worried about that. Hopefully it all works out ok!

Friday, Rylie had a school field trip so I missed MOPS (which was really just a rained out egg hunt this day!) and Remy and I tagged along. We went to 7 Acre Woods in Conroe. I'd never heard of it before and really didn't want to drive 45 minutes in the drizzling rain, but I knew Rylie really wanted us there with her. I'm lucky to be a stay at home mom who can do things like this, so I felt like I needed to take advantage of that and go.

Remy visited the animals with our neighbor, Ella (does Ella's shirt look familiar? We handed down a LOT of the girls' cute things to Ella and I love seeing them again.)

Cutest little goat LOL

Almost Harry Potter-like chess set

Finally Rylie's class  arrived and their first stop was putt-putt

Then the playground

Then the zip line

Which Rylie loved and didn't want to leave!

Then they had a picnic lunch and visited the petting zoo in the barn

Both girls LOVED this giant connect 4 game! We love playing it at home a lot too!

We left just as the rain picked up harder and got home in time for naps!! It was a super rainy Saturday, but we still pulled some weeds, planted new flower pots, and finally got the Easter decorations out! Oh and worked a cookie booth for 2 hours too lol. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bunny Visit! Couldn't have been better!

Saturday I realized I needed to do Easter bunny pictures and couldn't believe I almost forgot them! I didn't even take them to the mall last year because Remy was so freaked out by our community egg hunt bunny. This year though, couldn't have been better!

Remy talked all morning about seeing the bunny and how she wanted to hug him! (She did, but she was too fast for my cell phone lol)

We got huge smiles from both girls!

 The best one...

Flashback to their first bunny picture together!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Girl Scout Sunday

The national Girl Scout Sunday was actually the week before, but since it was the start of Spring Break, our church always does it the week after. So we celebrated this past Sunday. We did the early service this time since we had cookie booth at noon, so it was a very small group. But I'm glad our troop made it (minus 2 girls) and took part in a special service.

Bringing in the colors

Our cute Daisies were the caboose

They went up front and recited the Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Law. (They actually knew the entire Law this year!)

They did very well representing our troop!

I mean, how cute are these little Girl Scouts?!!!

Leaders with our troop

Me and my cute little Daisy!

Then we had a BIG cookie booth at noon! We were at both entrances of Walmart and with 5 minutes left, our girls on my side sold EVERY BOX we had!! So proud of them!

Rylie and I celebrated with U-Swirl after. Then we went home and I took a nap! Ha! It was a long and busy weekend!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kai's Outdoors Birthday Party

I took Rylie to a birthday party for our neighbor friends Saturday morning. It was a very "outdoors" party with scavenger hunt in a state park that's near us.

The girl scavenger hunt team

We saw an alligator. In the wild. Not in a zoo. Pretty cool!

Rylie's always asking about poison ivy, so I took this photo so she'd remember what it looks like. Whenever she goes to the Dr and they ask if she has any allergies, she tells them "poison ivy." lol She's never had it, but she just knows it's one thing she's allergic too (she's also now allergic to amoxicillin!)

Very peaceful state park. Can't believe I've lived near it 7 years and have never been here.

The girls team was 2nd place in the scavenger hunt!

Then it was time for fishing! Rylie had no problem grabbing worms, but of course an adult hooked it for her.

Unfortunately, they weren't into worms this day so we didn't catch one.

But she wants Daddy to take her back there and fish again now!

Time for lunch and cake!

Cute girlfriends

Happiest birthday Kai! Thanks for having us!