Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine Week Misc and Sickness

These are from over a week ago, but I had to share Remy's cute outfit! She was rocking this coat she got for Christmas!

And she looked so grown up in this outfit too!

Last Monday, Remy had a cute Valentine gymnastics class.

Doing her straddle jump in front of her class


Rylie had woken up with a headache and body aches and was extremely stuffy in the nose. She didn't have a fever and I'd been battling allergies/sinuses too so she went with me to Remy's class. She was excited to finally see her little sister do her thing.

And she made herself a math book lol Always learning!

Tuesday Rylie's sinuses were cleared up, she felt great, and went back to school! She looked so cute in this new Hanna Andersson outfit I got for $4 at a consignment sale.

BUT 2 hours after drop-off the school called me and said Rylie didn't feel well. After PE class (where she said she did 10 jumping jacks and 10 rollover flips), her head hurt and the nurse said she had a "fever" of 99 degrees. She said I had to pick her up and she couldn't come back Wednesday, but maybe Thursday if her "fever" went away. So we had another day of lounging since I actually felt worse than the day before.

Wednesday was a really bad day. I woke up with the worst sore throat ever and could barely move. My head was pounding. And both girls were awake and bouncing around the house. Remy had a well-check appointment that morning (her 3 year checkup that I'm just getting around to taking her to) so I couldn't stay in bed, as painful as it was to get up. I knew right away I had strep throat, but I didn't have time to get me to a Dr before Remy's appointment. Of course, we had a 40 minute wait to see Remy's Dr. While we were there, I had both girls tested and sure enough, strep throat was going through the family! So after a total of 3 hours in the pediatrician's office, trying to keep the girls occupied with no voice and a huge headache, we were finally done! I went straight to the nearest Walgreens clinic, waited 20 minutes to be called back just for them to say it's going to be a 4 hour wait. Uh....no!! I called my regular doctor office and said I just need a strep test. They said there's no way they could fit me in today. So we left Walgreens and drove what felt like eternity with the pain I was in to the nearest CVS clinic. We walked in to see a sign that said they were out of strep tests in that location. And then I cried. The only other clinic I could think of was a good 30 minutes away and they wouldn't answer the phone. It was now lunchtime so I couldn't risk driving all the way out there and not being seen or waiting a long time. The girls needed lunch and a nap. So my pain would have to wait longer to get relief. I picked up their prescriptions and myself a giant ice cold smoothie and went home. Thankfully David was able to swing by just long enough to make the girls sandwiches and put them both to bed. I took several ibuprofen, drank my smoothie which was so heavenly on my throat, and took a good nap. We all woke up hours later feeling better and a friend texted me with an offer to bring dinner and cookies. And I cried again. I hadn't even thought of dinner and that'd we'd need some and yet a fellow mom friend did. For us. I'm so incredibly lucky. I couldn't have anyone help with the girls since they were sick too and David couldn't take off work. But bringing us dinner was a HUGE help. As soon as David got off work I went straight to another clinic a friend told me about and thankfully I only waited 15 minutes. The test came up positive right away and I finally got my prescription!

Thursday we had yet another day hanging around the house! We'd kind of run out of things to do so I made a "cootie catch" for Rylie. Who knew it'd entertain her as much as it did. lol

Remy missed her class Valentine party and I missed my MOPS spa night. We were stir crazy, so for lunch, we did Smoothie King drive-thru!

Seriously, the best thing when you have strep throat!

Friday morning, Rylie headed back to school! She'd been on meds for 48 hours now and was excited to be back in time for her class Valentine party (seriously, exact same thing that happened last year after her first round of scarlet fever/strep).

Her class goodies and Olaf box she made!

They had tons of extra ice cream so Remy got a float too!

Playing class games

Then it was time to head home and Rylie, who loves school and missed going all week, started to cry because I wouldn't let her stay!

Her teacher 

Her artwork is on display in her school right now so she proudly showed us!

That night we finally picked up her Girl Scout cookies too!

And we had big helpers bring them in!

Saturday, for Valentine's Day, we were all feeling good, we'd been on meds for 3 days, we sanitized the entire house (and I mean entire thing) and we were going out!!

I made the girls these shirts to match the crown headbands they got for Christmas. They got so many compliments on the headbands while we were out!

We gave the girls their treats first.

David got me strawberries!!! My fav!

Love this scarf on her!!

Then we surprised the girls with bowling!! Remy had never been, so it was extra special!

Final score

We did a few arcade games too. Rylie and David rode the roller coaster simulation. Then we did a casual dinner. It turned out to be a great Valentine's Day and I'm so glad we're all on the mend and knock on wood we don't get this again like last year!!!

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