Saturday, February 28, 2015

Girl Scouts Take Over The Zoo

Last Sunday (not this past, but the one before that, yeah I'm behind) we took Rylie's Girl Scout troop to the Houston zoo!! It was a little stressful taking 9 girls to a big place for the first time, but thankfully we had a few moms and a couple husbands attend too. And shout out to Houston weather for not raining more than about 5 minutes on us!

Group photo when we arrived (and Remy testing her limits in a new place)

Fish room first (Rylie's on the right in the denim skirt and red shirt)

Remy was a "tagalong" too! Our poor deprived second-child had never been to the zoo before. Rylie had been several times by the time she was 3, so we had to bring Remster along with us!

Crawling through the fish tunnel


Cute little one

Remy and her daddy

The 2 dads and their tagalongs

This guy looked mean

Rylie looking at the......ok I forgot what this is. All these cats and their different spots. I know this isn't a I believe.

He was beautiful!

Then we came up to the tigers playing.......yes kids, they're playing!

Tigers are so beautiful.

Remy, of course, LOVED the lions!!

We could barely see them though and I couldn't get a good photo, but she was excited to see a REAL "Mufasa" haha!

Girls looking for the lions

Another cat I can't remember the name of. Pretty sure this one's a cheetah though.

Then all the girls got to ride the carousel!

Cute whittle giraffe kid

These giraffes were CRACKING ME UP! They kept winding their necks like a kid with a baseball bat and then whacking each other! I'd never seen giraffes do that before!

It started raining for a few minutes. Luckily we'd brought a few umbrellas to share with the girls!

Remy DID NOT LIKE THE RAIN!! She was also mad I wouldn't let her have an umbrella and gave it to one of the Girl Scouts because Remy was covered in her stroller and we were under a roof.

The rain cleared up and we hit the drums!

Poor Rylie hit her head just as I took this photo.   :(

Imagine trying to get him out! Yikes!

Notice the girls in the center holding hands. Sweet Girl Scouts!

Sleeping flamingos

Remy didn't want any part of a group photo lol

Rylie and Ella were the only ones who wanted to do the reptile room so I took them through.

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