Monday, February 2, 2015

Girl Scout Leader/Daughter Weekend Camp

Rylie and I had a blast with our friends at camp this weekend! My co-leader, Kellie and I took our girls Friday afternoon.

Kellie drove us and even had cute goodie bags for the girls with their names embroidered for the car ride up! Rylie loves hers! The notebook is now her "diary" and she's been writing in it nonstop!

We arrived Friday night and we were in charge of crafts. Kellie actually did all the work on this! lol And she did a great job. The girls made pearler bead items and Kellie set up a photobooth too!

We attempted friendship bracelets, but I'll have to finish mine later. Mine wasn't cooperating!

Then we all made GORP! It's a Girl Scout trail mix tradition.

The girls' creations (Rylie's "trail mix" is more like a bag of M&M's with 5 pretzels lol)

Photobooth fun with our friends!

Excited for camp weekend!

Then we settled into our cabins. Rylie was ecstatic to be on bunk beds again, in case you couldn't tell!

We woke up early Saturday to a beautiful sunrise!

These signs were all around camp.

Beautiful views of the lake!

Ready for our day of fun with our huge, matching shirts! lol

Bunk buddies!

The girls in front of their cabin.

Our first activity was the giant swing. We were all for it until Rylie saw the first group go and the girls screamed bloody murder and cried the entire time. Then Rylie said "NOPE!"
So we watched our cabin buddies and Miss Kellie ride it! Maybe next year for us!

We did a LOT of walking and got great exercise the entire time. Riflery was waaaaay down at the end of that road.

We were excited to do riflery! Rylie and I had never used a gun before, even though these weren't the "real deal," just BB's and I'm assuming air guns.

It's a skill her and I can now say we've tried, at least!

Their targets after!

We were supposed to do tennis next, but none of us cared for it, so we were walking back and saw rock climbing was open so we just did that! It was NUMBER 1 on Rylie's list (ok, and on mine too) for us to do this weekend!

Brianna and Rylie going at it!

This girl was SO HAPPY to do this!

She got pretty high on the hardest level (left photo) then really went at it on the easy level (right photo). I couldn't pry her off it!

Then I went too! It's a lot harder than it looks, but I made it to the top on the hardest level. Woohoo! I was too busy to turn and smile for a photo lol

And then climbing down, I let go to drop but it went really fast and I fell lol

After lunch we hit the stables! This horse, Biscuit was excited to see us and came to the fence to say hello!

Our cabin of girls at the stables area!

She was so excited and eager to do this too! She wanted to be like American Girl: Saige!

She suddenly looked so tiny climbing up there!

She looks so little here!!

She had the biggest smile the whole time!

Her first time to ride a horse!

She looks like a pro now!

AND it was my first time to ride a horse too! So glad to cross another thing off my bucket list lol

The pretty stables on our walk back

Up next was canoeing but we thought it might rain and Rylie said if we only had time for 1 of those 2, she picked archery, so we stopped to do that first!

We kept pretending we were Merida from "Brave" the whole time lol

Her first round!

My first time to do archery as well!

We're dorks lol

Ok, this photo doesn't really show it that well, but I did get a bullseye!

The foam crumbled and the arrow's now leaning down, but it did go in at the bullseye circle, just for the record! 

And here's my archery injury I came home with!

We headed down to canoes next, but the motor boat they have for safety in case the canoes wander or something wasn't working so they couldn't let us go out. It was too windy without the rescue boat :(

So we walked around a little!

And did putt-putt next!

Card games with cabin friends before dinner!

We ended with a s'more campfire!

She loves roasting the marshmallows, but she won't eat them. Crazy girl!

A Girl Scout smore with "Thanks-A-Lot" Girl Scout cookie and marshmallow!

Then each cabin performed a skit for the whole group. 

Our girls' skit was the cutest, of course!
(It'll be on my youtube here!)

Brianna and Rylie also volunteered to do the Yogi Bear song in front of everyone!
Then we did an ash ceremony and went back to our cabins.

Rylie sat on this windowsill and sang "Maybe" from Annie LOL I can't get over how much of a performer she is!

We ended the night with more card games in the cabin!

We all woke up sore and tired Sunday! It started raining so we just loaded up and came home. It was so much fun and we hope to do this again next year! I was hoping it'd get Rylie a little prepared to do a short Girl Scout camp this Summer on her own, but I don't think she's quite ready yet and she's told me she's not. No rush then! She'll go when she's ready. For now, we'll just plan other fun things for our troop!

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