Monday, February 16, 2015

Girl Scout Aquarium Celebration

Our week started great last Sunday when I took Rylie to a Girl Scout celebration at the Houston Aquarium. The council gave each girl who sold over 100 items in Fall Product a free pass. So Remy and I went along with Rylie for some fun after church.

Making a wish and throwing a coin in....

I made Remy this shirt since her last one was too small.

Petting the stingrays....

They  kept lunging out of the water!

Of course the tiger was eating when we went to see him. Gross!

Train ride to see the sharks!

The girls talked me into the ferris wheel that scares the heck out of me!

I took these 2 pictures on the ferris wheel and my camera battery died.

Then the girls BEGGED me to let them ride this little kiddie ride. I tried telling Remy she was "too short" because I knew it would scare her, but the worker kept saying "no she's fine!" And Remy wasn't having it. She INSISTED on riding this! Here are my cell pictures....

Started off happy

Then not too sure

Then "I want off!"

She was crying "Mommy! I want Mommy!" It wasn't going down fast, it was just really jerky with the stops which scared her. It was a really short ride and once I got her and Rylie made her laugh she was fine and talking about riding it again next time she comes!

Overall both girls had a great time and for Remy's first time to the aquarium, she had a blast!

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