Friday, February 6, 2015

Fridays Roundup

I've only taken cell phone pics this week, so here's a roundup of all of them!!

1. MOMCON 2015!!!

I'm officially registered to attend MOMCON again this year and I'm so excited! My girlfriends and I have been counting down for registration to open since last year's trip! We had so much fun last year, literally the best girls' trip and met so many awesome people, like Angie Smith!

The only speaker we know about for this year so far is Jen Hatmaker. So excited for Indianapolis in September! The countdown is on!

2. Rylie's 100th day of school was Wednesday!

She got to dress like a "100 year old" and loved it! (I put hairspray and baby powder in her hair for the "gray" look).

Each kid also made a page with 100 of 1 thing on it. We have a TON of heart stickers so I convinced Rylie to use them! lol Finally got rid of those little heart stickers we've had leftover from boxes of Valentine cards!

I took the girls for frozen yogurt after school and there was this little carousel next to the place. I'd forgotten I told Remy the last time we were there she could ride it next time. She sure didn't forget though!

Thankfully I had quarters in my purse!

3. Remy's gymnastics

Miss "I a big girl" dressed herself for gymnastics class this week! She was so proud, I almost didn't have the heart to tell her she had to take it all off and redress, but it was necessary!

She is loving being back in her class!

Her school was closed Thursday for teacher training and that's the day the gym offers "open gym play" so we took advantage of the one time we could go!

She loved it! It was pretty much open play with short, group activities here and there.

That morning she told me she wanted to put her tummy on the bar! lol

Oh yeah, she's having a blast! It was great. I kind of wish we could attend more, but it's only on Thursdays and she has school. But this worked out perfectly this week!

4. Valentine Fun

This was my first project with vinyl using my new Cricut this week! I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it looked so easy and it was!

I also did more Valentine goodies for Rylie's Girl Scout troop. You can see more of my candy-free ones we're doing this year in a previous post, here. She only has 9 girls in her troop, so 8 additional goodies was no biggie. I love doing V-day treats!

5. New routine!

I dont have a photo for this one, but we've started a new afternoon routine in our house that has been WONDERFUL! No more fussing until dinner time and no more going through the house like tornadoes. The kids have things to do every minute to keep them occupied and nothing is forgotten school-wise. It's been great. I plan to print out photos to go along with it and laminate them for the girls to clearly see the schedule every day. 

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Stephanie Smallsen said...

so adorbs! I cant wait til my babaygirl is big enough to make DIY Valentines crafts with me :) Happy Friday!

Katie C said...

Love that gray hair. She looks so pleased with herself :) Looks like such a fun week!! Thanks for linking up again with us at H54F!

Katie @ Cup of Tea