Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Show Me The Love Valentine Special

Valentine's Day for us is just a fun holiday to give us something to look forward to after Christmas leaves our house and is a good excuse to give goodies to our friends and make crafts for! I've always done little goodies for Rylie and Remy's friends at preschool or Kindermusik or gymnastics or dance....whatever! I also challenge myself to try my hardest to make them candy-free. We just get a TON of candy between Halloween and Christmas and after New Year's I'm ready to toss it all out and not see any more until Easter! lol So here are some of the things I've done in the past with a sneak peek into what I'm doing for this year's Valentine's Day. I'm linking up with Lyndsey Lofland for Show Me The Love blog linkup!

A few years ago, I made these for Rylie's pre-k class! The teachers complimented me on giving something healthy!

You could also use these tags on applesauce cups for younger ages!

I made these for Remy's Kindermusik buddies before she started preschool. The tag was two-sided.

Oh yeah....I went there. lol 

I made these for Rylie's dance friends a couple years ago too. I got this idea of Pinterest somewhere, I don't remember who actually created it, but I made my own.

And these are what I gave both girls' school teachers the past 2 years.

Little Caesar's pizza giftcard. Because I'm sure they got enough chocolate from the other students!

And if the girls have school on a holiday, I like to make their lunches fun too! (And again, trying to do candy-free and limiting food coloring)

Can't go wrong with festive shapes and colorful containers!

And here's a look at what we're doing this year!

The teacher gifts.....

Bath and Body Works hand soap with giftcard

And Remy's preschool class will get these....

With a tag that says "I like you Berry much" and a Strawberry Shortcake Valentine card.

And Rylie insisted she just wanted to give her school friends Valentine pencils, so that's what I got for her. Course I can't resist putting a tag like this on them ;-)

(photo from Pinterest)

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Lyndsey said...

Thanks so much for linking up!

I love making themed lunches for my kiddos too - not sure Liam would appreciate the sandwiches shaped like lips, but I'll save that idea for Liesl :)

And I think I'm going to do the glow sticks for Liam's preschool class this year - he's obsessed with them!

Amanda said...

These are all great! I love the heart shaped sandwiches - I need to remember that!

Thanks for joining our linkup!

Brettni @ Bringing Up Brumfields said...

I Pick you!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Love it!

Thanks for linking up with us!