Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Fun

We had another low-key New Year's Eve at our house. Ordered lucky Chinese again!

Then we taught Rylie how to play Scrabble!

 (And cutie Remy tried photobombing her....Remy, who hates having her picture taken. We were all cracking up!)

The girls made it to see New York's ball drop.

We actually had put Remy to bed but our neighborhood fireworks scared her and kept her up.

She was really hamming it up too!

Her diva kiss pose apparently? lol That girl.

Rylie didn't make it much longer after that.

But Remy was still going strong at midnight! lol

New Year's Day was the big Baylor game so I decked the girls out in any green and gold they had!

Sadly, it wasn't a happy win :(

Hopefully the rest of our year is better than that game! LOL 

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