Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gymnastics Return!

I've been under the weather a little since Saturday night with allergies. Sunday I spent the day in bed and a sweet neighbor brought me get-well goodies!

Homemade soup, crackers, bag of fruit, cough drops, tissues, cup, tea bags, shower soother, emergen-c.....SO AWESOME!! I'm feeling a lot better today and I think the soup had a lot to do with that! So thankful!

So Remy's been waiting since LAST MAY to return to her beloved gymnastics class and yesterday was finally the day! We always take a break from extra-curriculars over the Summer and I spent the Fall trying to potty-train her so she could move up to the 3 year old class. Then Mommy just got busy over December and January. Everyday though, we'd drive by her gymnastics place and she'd ask when she could go back! She went to bed Sunday night asking "tomorrow I go to my nastics?" I told her yes after taking Rylie to school. She put her leotard on at 7:30am and asked me every 2 minutes until it was time to leave at 10am!

Waiting......and attempting to be patient

I had to get video of me telling her it was time to go! 

Finally there! She's in a new class now where I sit and watch, so I had lots of talks to prepare her for that and she did SO GOOD!

She looked so grown up out there without me! :'(

She even volunteered to demonstrate a "handstand" in front of her class! (Really an older girl volunteered first, then Remy jumped up and said "I'll do it!" So cute!)

She only got a little timid on the high beam and said "I'm gonna fall!" But teacher was great with her and she stuck it out.

Overall, she had a great first class. She was a little overwhelmed being back after so long and didn't remember a few moves but I wrote them down to practice at home. She got lost a few times doing obstacle courses and the teachers had to keep telling her which station was next lol but over time she'll have that down. So glad to get her back to her "nastics" and how cute was her new purple leotard she got for Christmast?! :)

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