Saturday, January 17, 2015

Goose Egg, Lamp Makeover, and DIY Canvas

I'm really surprised it's taken this long, but Remy got her first goose egg this week. Surprisingly, it wasn't during one of her "stunts." Baby girl is one of the clumsiest people I know. She tripped over her own feet and face planted on our tile.
I had never seen a goose egg as it happened before so it startled me and made my stomach turn. Rylie screamed when she saw it. She is always so scared of the people she loves getting hurt. Then Rylie said "I don't know if I should cry to make her a get well card!" lol

Remy bounced back quickly though and the bump was gone completely the next day. She had gray and white day at school and we sported hearts early with this cute hand-me-down outfit.

I had a crafting itch this week and finally finished turning this green lamp to purple for Remy's new room!

Love how it turned out! Matches her pretty room perfectly. It's almost finished now!
Then I worked on another canvas. I made DIY canvases last year with photos of the girls from each year's family photoshoots. All you do is buy a canvas, print a photo in the size of the canvas, and mod-podge (top and bottom) of the photo to the canvas. Here is how the newest one turned out.

Then I sponge painted the sides of all canvases with black. The white sides were driving me crazy.

Then I added a little "vignette" look around the edges of the front.

All 4 years of our girls completed!

Love this wall and look forward to adding to it every year!
I've started a few more craft projects this week too that I'll post when they're finished!

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