Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Loves

It's been a long time since I've done a "Friday" linkup. I always forget about these or don't have time, but I guess I'm on a link-up roll this week. Don't get used to it though ;-)

My favorites this Friday.....


Remy is becoming more camera-friendly! I've even gotten her to pose for me and COOPERATE!! I thought this day would never come, especially after last Easter's infamous planking during family picture time! She was rocking this side braid at school yesterday!


Rylie and I are going on a Girl Scout leader/daughter weekend camping today and above is all the packing I've done so far! Ha! We have to pack all our towels and bedding that we'll need which I'm not used to doing, so I've been a little stressed getting it all together. I hate the packing/unpacking process of trips, but SO excited for our weekend ahead! (And yes I'm a princess and need 2 pillows for camping)


Our book club started back this month and we kicked off with Still Alice, a book about a 50-year-old college professor diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's. The movie comes out next week in Houston and I cannot wait to see it! I had no idea Alzheimer's works the way it does and learned a lot from reading this book. Of course my book club friends and I are all scared we have it every time we forget something now!  I pray they find a cure to this someday!


I'm so excited I just ordered these Chooka rain boots from DSW and cannot wait for them to arrive! I've never had rain boots and I thought I would need some for camping this weekend so I looked around online and fell in love with these teal ones. No stores had them in stock so I had to order them and turns out the rain chance diminished for this weekend so I wouldn't have needed them after all, but I'll use these a LOT when they do arrive and I'll never outgrow them. So I justified one fun splurge!


This show just started back and while I was hesitant to watch (Kate drove me crazy the last time it was on), I gave it a chance. The first episode was their trip to Maine, so of course I had to watch! Kate was kind of annoying in that episode, freaking out over everything. I just wanted to tell her to chill out. But the next episodes were good. You gotta give the girl credit for raising 8 kids! I've started thinking about that during my days....."what if I had 8 kids right now?" Yikes! I would probably act like Kate if I had 8 kids too. And she's better than she was years ago. But one of the twins.....oh my gosh I want to smack her. I dread those teenage years!!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your Friday is fabulous!

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Elaine Welte said...

I use to love Jon & Kate Plus 8- but yes, she went off the deep end and you can't blame her! My 3 girls almost send me over the ledge- ha!

Della Preston said...

Your daughters are so beautiful. I'm going to add that book to my reading list. I couldn't imagine Kate's nerves with 8 kids lol. Thank you for linking up to H54F!

Della@ Della Devoted