Monday, January 12, 2015


We've had a pretty good start to our year so far......

Made a delicious black-eyed pea and sausage soup with homemade cornbread for good luck!

Hung around the house some more, playing with Remy's hair lol and taking down Christmas.....

And setting up new Christmas toys!

Rylie and I were playing dolls during Remy's nap last week when I heard Remy trying to escape. So I rushed in to catch her in the act and found this....

Stinker! Girl has inspector-gadget arms! We took the lock down so she doesn't climb up anymore.

The girls were excited for school to start back Tuesday!

They both proudly sported their new backpacks and were so excited about them!

Remy walked in her class, took her lunchbox out of my hand and just held it up to her teachers proudly! lol

I played with my new toy while the girls were in school and have been reading up on it to get familiar. I made a card for a friend before I took her to lunch on her birthday and then I cut out these letters to finish my Christmas scrapbook page...

So far I'm loving it and have more projects on my list to do with my Cricut!

This girl deserved some frozen yogurt after dinner last week.

A girl at school told Rylie she didn't like her new lunchbox but it hardly affected Rylie. She told me that afternoon "I don't like her lunchbox either but I'm not going to tell her because I don't want to hurt her feelings. I won't be mean to her, even though she was mean to me." I'm so proud of this girl!

Friday was my 29th birthday. Hard to believe I was only 22 when we moved to Houston.....early 20's and now I'm almost 30.

I stopped for my free latte from DD before my MOPS meeting. It was our first one back and I was glad to spend the day with everyone there. Some friends invited me to lunch afterwards too.

David and I had a date that night at PF Chang's. Again. lol Maybe next year I'll want to go somewhere different. But this dinner did not disappoint. I love that place. I actually do have my 30th birthday party planned already....kinda of. I've been thinking about a specific things for a few years now. So here's to my last year in my 20's!

I took Rylie to redeem her Target giftcard this weekend and she picked out several accessory sets for her dolls and the Annie soundrack! It's awesome. We love jamming to it everywhere we go lol

This little tot. She's so funny and really a good listener most of the day. She dressed up in this Elsa dress with Rapunzel wig and said it was "Elsa hair." Then she had this toy lipstick thing and pretended it was room spray and made this sniffing sound every time she was "spraying." She's hilarious. She's also a stinker. She got into Rylie's brand new tube of toothpaste and smeared it all over Rylie's bathroom counter and mirror. I was so mad when I saw that. I was getting onto Remy and she knew she was in trouble and was crying and I asked why she did that and between sobs and through a pouty face that would melt anyone's heart, she mumbled "I was cweaning." Sweet girl thought the toothpaste was cleaner and thought she was being a helper. I just wanted to melt. I love my girls so much. It's a hard job being a mommy sometimes, but I couldn't love them more!

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