Friday, December 19, 2014

Remy's Preschool Christmas Program

Tuesday night, Remy got her turn in the spotlight at her preschool's cute Christmas program! David and I were both sick last year, so Remy couldn't participate. So we were all excited to see her perform this year! And she's been singing "Go Tell It On the Mountain" for a month now, all ready for her show!!

A few pictures when we arrived!! 

I actually curled her hair for the first time and wanted to get some pictures while it lasted! She looked so grown up though!

Her class coming in...

So happy to see us there!

Waving to us...

Jingle bells....

Her favorite, Go Tell It On The Mountain

Of course, this is a preschool performance, so we got some pretty funny, cute pictures too!

Prayer time

I don't know what this look is all

This picture is just sweet to me, because for a moment, I thought that was the back of Rylie's hair.

I don't know what this look's about either!

This part had me tearing up. At the end, they invite all "alumni" up to see "Shout to the Lord" with their siblings. Rylie used to LOVE this song and sing it with all the motions at home. She remembered them and it was sweet to see her sing it again.

After the show!

Santa was there!

Rylie asked Santa last-minute for a cursive writing pad to learn her cursive letters more (She's been somewhat learning them on her own with help from everyone around her. She's really been into cursive lately!)

Remy was fascinated with Santa's gloves!

Remy and her teachers!

Rylie loved seeing her former teacher too!

Click here to see Remy's video of her church program!

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