Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Remy Lately

It's been awhile since I've jotted down updates on my girls and I want to remember all these details!

So here goes Remy......

Still loves Lion King lol
We found this Pumba riding machine one night and she was ECSTATIC! So random! She also got a Simba stuffed animal from Kohls Cares $5 bin at the checkout and it's her new best friend. She carries it with her arm around his neck like their partners in crime. lol

 This girl LOVES her some boots! 
All she's asking for for Christmas is pink sparkly boots (sometimes she says purple though, so Santa's bringing both)

She begged me weeks ago for a haircut and it'd been probably a year so I finally took her one Saturday.

She loved it and asks to go back frequently!

Course the suckers after might've helped that :)
But she now loves playing "haircut" at home. She chokes you with puts a blanket around your neck and brushes your hair and she loves when we pretend to give her a haircut. (Don't worry, scissors are not in her reach!!)

She loves wearing her hair either in a pony tail "in back like miss stefy" or off to the side "like Plum Pudding in Strawberry Shortcake" or in a french braid "like Elsa."

She's such a Mommy's buddy on MWF when she doesn't have school.

Every morning we take sister to school, come home and I give Remy her breakfast and sit and drink my coffee. After she eats, she wants to snuggle up in Mommy's lap and watch her show while she wakes up some more. Then she's off playing or we have errands or MOPS. Every morning she asks "where me going today?" 

In other big news.....


Earlier this month, I decided I'm done messing around with it and she WILL go! There were LOTS of tears (from both of us) and times I wanted to give up (again) but I looked her in the eye and said "We're doing this!" Within that week, she was in panties in public and wearing them all day to school without accidents!! Woohoo!!

So I don't forget:
11/10/14 Started training
11/11/14 Stayed home from school and finally got it down!
11/12/14 Wore panties in public with no accidents
11/13/14 Stayed dry in pullup all day at school but wouldn't go until I took her at pickup
11/18/14 First time wearing panties to school, no accidents
12/1/14 First time going #2 and it was at public restroom!

I took these yesterday while we ran errands.....

Wearing a cute outfit she got for her birthday. I was just so happy to finally hit another milestone!

So proud of my big girl!! 

I will say, she still has occasional accidents if I forget to take her after several hours. She's still working on telling me ahead of time she needs to go. Sometimes she forgets until she has an accident, but they've been few and far between. SUCH progress!! And now she can return to gymnastics! (She actually asked me yesterday after finally going #2 if she could go to gymnastics that day! She knew she couldn't go back until she went potty so she's eager to start back!)

And for basic news, at 3 years, almost 3 months, Remy.....
*wears sz 3 (but they're getting tight, even with wearing panties now!)
*wears sz 10 shoes
*favorite colors purple
*favorite shows are Strawberry Shortcake, Girl Meets World (with sister), American Girl movies (with sister), Madeline, Lion King, Frozen
*favorite foods are mac n cheese, peanut butter jelly sandwich, cheetos, yogurt, applesauce, chicken nuggets with ketchup, tortillas (she's not a big eater right now though)

That's all I can remember right now! Our girl's growing so fast!

**Additions I just remembered---She asks a million questions right now! Mostly, she asks the same question over and over, even if you've answered her 3 times. She refers to anything in the past as "last year." Whether it's last week, yesterday, or an hour ago, it was "last year" to her.

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Stefany said...

Love that sweet girl! Yay to her for being a big girl.