Monday, December 15, 2014

Just A Little Christmas Program

Rylie performed in our church's little program during both services Sunday. She's been so excited about this for months!

They did a cute little program on Jesus' birth.

Rylie was one of the angels

She's told everyone that she's "Gabriel Angel" because she got to say the line "Mary, you're going to have a baby and He will be the Son of God."


Rylie and a Girl Scout friend Ella

"Glory to God in the highest!"

Grandaddy and Deedee came to see the first service's performance! The girls were so excited to see them!

The kids had a little party in their Sunday School class between services.
I made these fruit and veggie trays for them. Trying to not overload the kids with sugar!

Ready for the second service!

All the kids were more excited and silly in the next performance!

She was so cute at the end! She took her job so seriously! lol

Mimi came to see the second service performance and the girls were just as tickled! Rylie was glad she had someone come see both performances.

Our family and David and I were coordinated (he bought me this skirt recently).

Love my little angel girl!! So proud of her!

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