Sunday, December 14, 2014

Friday in Waco

Friday morning I had my annual MOPS ornament exchange at our meeting. Second year in a row I had an ornament with Starbucks giftcard that didn't make it home with me! lol But it was fun hanging out and eating a good breakfast. Then I picked up Rylie from school early and David took off work at noon and we headed to Waco!

Loaded up and ready to go!

An hour from arriving in Waco, they finally gave up and napped!

We had some time to kill so I did some Christmas shopping in Spice downtown.

Then we headed to my mom's graduation at the convention center. She decided a few years back to get her degree in Environmental Safety!

She had cords for Honor Roll, Phi Theta Kappa, and being a Veteran.

Finally her turn!

She got it! She's done!

She's so happy now!

Rylie was SO cute how excited she was for her Grandma! She followed along in the program at each name called before hers and stood up and yelled and clapped so hard at Grandma's turn!

Her cheering section along with my family. My sister and her boys were sitting in the back too.

The graduate!

Our family

Rylie was SO glad to see her cousin Isaac too! It's been a year and he's grown a whole foot!

We all went to eat at Buzzard Billy's after. It's a Louisiana, cajun style restaurant on the water by Baylor's new stadium (which is GORGEOUS in person, by the way!)

I ordered some fried alligator to try and the girls thought it was chicken tenders and devoured them!

Especially Remy, who hasn't been a good eater lately. She LOVED them!

She ate every crumb in that bowl and was looking for more! Then I told the girls it was alligator they'd just eaten and Rylie's face was priceless lol But she now knows she likes it! Tasted just like chicken!

All of the cousins together again! They're growing so fast!

And still so crazy as ever!!

We made the long trek back home after dinner and it was nice waking up in our own beds Saturday morning. Good to see everyone Friday and hope it won't be another year before we see them again!

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