Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Days after Christmas Fun

Christmas night we were sporting our matching lobster jammies!
Except I couldn't find my lobster shirt (I found it later hung in my closet lol)
The girls have been BEGGING for a slumber party since Remy got a big-girl bed this Fall.

I told them they could over Christmas break, so Christmas night they did!

Course, Remy wanted to play and Rylie wanted to sleep lol Rylie went back to her own room and Remy was just so broken-hearted about it, so Rylie returned to Remy's bed and they both finally went to sleep!

But I think they got it out of their system now and won't be asking anymore :)
We got sick of leftovers and went to Cracker Barrel for dinner one night.

Remy sported her new pink boots. Everyday this girl has her boots on.

Rylie went with me to get new car tires and brought her cursive writing book.
She's almost finished with it. So proud of her! She loves cursive!
Then Rylie, my mom, and I went to see Annie!

It was GREAT! I've gotta buy this soundtrack lol
Little tot has LOVED having her own Leap Pad like sisters!
Rylie went to Mimi's work Monday so my mom and I took Remy on some errands and treated her to McDonald's lunch with a big playground.
She was NOT happy when it was time to go! At bedtime that night I asked what her favorite thing of the day was and she said "Going mcdonald's playground." lol
Tuesday we went to pickup Rylie at her Mimi's work and stopped for Starbucks first. Remy got her own drink!
It's just milk in a coffee cup but she is BIG STUFF with her own "coffee!"
After getting Rylie, we walked to the Galleria and met some friends at Rainforest for lunch!

CANNOT believe how big these girls are getting!!
It was so fun getting out and seeing friends over break. We've been pretty big homebodies lately!

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