Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Kickoff!! (elf breakfast, lights display, pie contest, hanging of the greens)

We had a VERY busy weekend-after-Thanksgiving at our house!! 
Get ready for a lot of pictures!

Friday morning our Elf, Dina returned with goodies for the girls!

I did this last year so I figured they'd expect it. Turns out, they didn't even remember and were super excited to see these this year!

Rylie said she's more excited for Dina's return than Christmas morning! 
(I just set out things I was buying anyways....Christmas pj's, ornaments, Christmas goldfish, a book, gingerbread house kit, and some candies)

Two excited girls!!

And Dina even brought an extra pajama and Christmas dress for Rylie's dolls!
(Dina may have bought the matching pajama for Saige before Rylie got her Kit doll, so a dress had to fill in for Kit)

Loves her Strawberry Shortcake ornament!

The dolls loved their new fashions too!

I made the girls a festive breakfast as David pulled out Christmas decor from the attic.

The girls dressed themselves, eager to kickoff Christmas!

That night we all needed to get out of the house, so we looked up this drive-thru light display outside of town and decided to surprise the girls. We ate at a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant out there and it was REALLY good!

Then we just drove up to the light display!

This place was awesome! It's free (donations accepted for charity) so you can drive through as many times as you want! We may have driven through 5 or 6 times and if it were up to Remy, we'd still be driving through!

Few pictures of the entire scene as we drove away

The girls loved that place so we might have to go back before Christmas!

We got our tree put up that Friday too and the girls were excited to wear their new jammies from Dina!

Looking at their ornaments

Sweetest girls!

Saturday, David took the girls to Mimi's house to decorate her tree like they do every year.

Rylie requested to look like an Elf. Remy requested to look like Rylie. lol

My mom and I ran a few errands, had dinner, and then made a pie for my church's competition.

My first homemade pie crust!!

Chocolate part is baked!

And now the topping! 
It was a Coconut-Pecan German Chocolate Pie and it took me 4 hours from start to finish to make!

Sunday we went to church and then after Remy's nap, we went back up there for the pie competition and "hanging of the greens."

Rylie also brought her Angel Tree gifts!

My pride and joy pie! Ha!

There were 13 pies in the competition! I took 3rd place!

I helped set up this beautiful nativity. It's my favorite thing our church puts out!

The kiddos were busy with crafts they set up.

100 kids were sponsored through Angel Tree in our church!

I think they want to start a band ;-)

Remy hung our family ornament on the church tree.

Beautiful church tree!!

I don't know about you, but it always seems for us that everything we want to do during the holiday season falls on the same 2 days! Looking forward to fun celebrations ahead!

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