Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day!! (and our card)

We had a pretty great Christmas day!
I took 59383 photos lol

Santa goodies!

Sooo excited!

She just asked Santa for this the week before!

And started on it right away before opening any gifts!

Seeing "how many puppies are there inside....3, or 4, or 5!"
There were 3 and one is a runt! LOL


"Look, Mommy! I got Strawbewy Shortcake panties!!"

Finally got her Girl Scout barbie doll!

David opening his gift from the girls.....

Something from his childhood to pass on to them....a Lite Brite!

My mom got her favorite Christmas movie on DVD that she's not been able to find in stores! Thanks Amazon! :)

All she'd asked for were pink sparkly boots and she got them!!

And purple too since that's her favorite color!

Rylie got pink sparkly boots too!

Rylie really wanted a locket like American Girl Samantha! So Daddy got her one!

Matching lobster jammies like Mommy's!

Had to put the helmet on right away!

Sweet gifts from Rylie and Remy they each made at school!

Rylie's hand

Remy's foot

How cute that they matched too!

Time for breakfast on their new Frozen table and chairs! 

After breakfast, we headed to Mimi's house but first stopped by the homeless shelter near downtown to drop off the hats and gloves Rylie's Girl Scout troop donated.

 It was a very emotional place to visit on Christmas day. There was a parking lot nearby FULL of homeless people with trash bags of belongings waiting in a really long line for some food some men were cooking on a big smoker pit. This shelter we stopped by was for women and children and there were kids playing in an empty parking lot outside of it.....with no toys. Just running around with each other while their moms sat and watched. It was pretty humbling for Rylie to see that some people have nothing. 

Opening gifts at Mimi's house!

Mimi's sweet coworker Dawn gave Rylie some lipbalm (that she's now obsessed with!) and the cutest scarf!


Rylie won't have to steal Remy's doll bed anymore!

Remy was so funny. She saw the bunk beds as soon as Rylie opened them and grabbed her Plum Pudding SS doll and quickly put it on the bed and told Rylie "here, Rylie." She thought the bed needed someone to lay on it right away!

I think her dolls like it!

New backpacks and lunchboxes! Yay!!

Someone's returning to gymnastics in Jan in style!

And someone else's dolls will be stylin in Jan too!

She got so tickled over these pink leopard doll jammies!

Cutest coat!

Rylie's doll Kit made out good too!

Remy's big gift was her own LeapPad just like sister's!

Now she'll stop stealing Rylie's!

Aunt Lana did good with this doll wardrobe! We've got it all set up in Rylie's room and it's the cutest thing!

Special gifts for Mimi!

SOOO excited for this! I can't believe I said last year I wouldn't need this. 
With all I do for MOPS, Girl Scouts, birthday parties, home decor, and scrapbooking, I DO NEED THIS!!

David finally opening his big gift. It killed him all morning seeing it sitting over there and opening it last.

A new grill!

Our camera battery died at the last gift opening so we just have a cell phone picture of our family, but it's a cute one!

THEN....a little Christmas magic happened at lunch. We were all finishing up our meal and just talking when we started hearing bells. Then we heard the garage door open. I thought it was just Daniel stopping by with his girlfriend, but Craig (Gaga) went out there to see what it was and there was another Christmas gift to unwrap......

We have a new TV!

In case you haven't noticed in photos I've posted here, we've still had a 24 in tube TV in our living room that's 20 years old! The picture was getting so bad, you could barely read any words on it and the sound was bad. I felt guilty not being able to host MOPS movie nights or Girl Scout party because our TV was hard to watch movies on. But it was fine for us for the time being and the girls didn't mind it while watching their shows. We've had lots of more important things to use our money on, but we were just talking about it last week that next year on Black Friday, we need to plan on getting a new TV.

So this gift was a COMPLETE surprise and it was all sweet Gaga's doing. Such a sweet, selfless Christmas gift for our family! I'm still in awe now as we watch TV in our living room and can READ the words on it! Ha! We feel so blessed by this Christmas!!

And our card this year.....Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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