Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas #1 with Grandaddy and Deedee

 Saturday, after Rylie's Christmas parties, she woke up with a fever and body aches :(

She rested all day in pj's and that afternoon my mom arrived to spend Christmas with us.

I attempted to make a "Christmas tree" out of cinnamon rolls to add some cheer.

Sunday we had to miss church and a fun snow event at Remy's preschool because Rylie was still not feeling well. She did perk up that afternoon for Christmas with Grandaddy and Deedee!

Rylie even insisted on playing a "song" on her guitar after dinner!

Uncle Daniel helped tune her guitar a bit.

Daniel and his girlfriend Natalie


Remy opening her card from Grandaddy and Deedee

Rylie opening hers. They love their Target giftcards and can't wait to go shopping!

They brought my mom a cute gift too!

The girls giving Grandaddy and Deedee their gifts.

The McCrary boys

Another fun Christmas with them!

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