Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Little Christmas Here and There

Just a few random Christmas photos recently.....

The one cute thing I've done with Dina, our elf so far.
 The girls take their vitamins every morning and Rylie keeps trying to give one to Dina. So Dina brought her vitamins (aka tic tacs) one morning from the North Pole to show Rylie she has her own!

Remy's cute Santa photo from school!
I'd talked to her about it all morning and they said when she walked in, she just cheesed up big time! She was ready this year!

 Both girls had GREEN day at school!
Remy got a little bored in car line waiting for sister to get out!

Both girls had PJ day at school too!
Remy's class watched Mickey's Christmas and Rylie's watched Polar Express!

Remy this year vs last year by the tree!

Monday night our neighbor hosted a cookie decorating party!

Excited for the party!
(Had to get the girls these shirts this year!)

Remy thought she was BIG STUFF getting to decorate her own!

Rylie was very meticulous with hers!

It was pure chaos! lol

Rylie working on her masterpieces

Our tray is full!

Our finished products! We really only had that many because the top popped off the pink frosting onto Remy's plate and I didn't want to waste it, so I dipped a bunch of cookies in it and just did rainbow sprinkles! The girls had a blast and love doing this again this year!

I also uploaded video of Rylie's church program Sunday!
It's on our youtube, here!

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