Thursday, November 20, 2014

School Movie Night & Family Mall/American Girl Day

Last Friday night, Rylie's school had an outdoor movie night. Contrary to many bribes offered, Rylie really wanted to attend this (we missed last year due to Girl Scout Disney on Ice event and she chose movie night over that this year).

So it was 40 degrees out and we bundled up and went!

We got there early to get seats up front since we sat on the ground and the girls killed time having a dance party! We watched "The Lego Movie" and it was cute. Definitely confirmed Remy's not ready to  attend a movie theater 

Last Saturday we took a family trip to a nearby mall that has the American Girl store attached.

Rylie's been wanting for months to take her Saige in to get her hair styled. She had birthday money and giftcards there to redeem for it. The salon was pretty cute!

Watching her Saige get styled!

She wanted to see the Isabelle display. (Thankfully she doesn't like this year's doll though! I thought the movie was dumb and don't like her either.)

But she wanted to pose with the display of her still!

And Rylie came home with a new addition, Kit! She's been into Kit for almost a year now, we've seen the movie and read the books and it's a really cute story (and easier hair to manage, ha!). I'm proud of Rylie for saving her money and waiting patiently for something that she really wanted.

We did a bunch of Christmas shopping too and got the Santa visit out of the way (hence the festive outfits the girls wore.) And Remster crashed hard towards the end! It was a fun family day. We hadn't done this in a long time, so it was really great spending the day out together.

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