Friday, November 21, 2014

Remy's Feast

Yesterday was my favorite event at my girl's sweet preschool, the Thanksgiving Feast!

And I actually got there early this year to take a photo in her class before it started!

Found her seat!

I love, love, love the cute setups they do each year and look forward to seeing what works of art they'll have each time. (Here's a secret I learned, when their calendar says they're working on placemats, I dressed Remy in cute Fall outfits all week because I knew they'd take a photo for it. Hehe!)

She was SO excited Mommy came to eat lunch with HER this time!

Loved the table centerpieces!

Me and my little turkey! Crazy the first time she attended this when Rylie went here, Remy was just a tiny 2 month old and slept through the whole thing. Now it's her show and she's such a big girl!

Oh she wanted that right away! (I never let her have these at home! lol)

We love the dessert room!

Strangely, my coconut cream pie wasn't out :( I really wanted a piece of it too.

The other half of the room! So much to choose from!

Full gym! I think they said they served over 550 people.

And my drama queen when her plate arrived. lol I talked it up all week about what we would eat and it'd be so yummy! She wasn't buying it.

But she did eat the roll! lol I managed a bite or 2 of turkey and potatoes out of her.

Then she got her cookie she picked out!

Cutest girl.

So thankful for this sweet little school and thankful Remy loves it just as much as big sister did!

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