Saturday, November 1, 2014

Remy & Rylie's School Halloween Fun

Thursday, October 30 Remy had a Halloween costume parade and party at her school!

She wore a cute angel costume I got dirt cheap the day after Halloween last year. I figured when I bought it last year that it could be a good one to have as backup that would be easy to wear to school parties and it was!

Decorating her trick or treat bag right away

Mickey and Minnie led the costume parade!

Looking for us....

There we are!

"See the candy I got?"

I had to take these pictures for David! How cute!

Then we went to chapel with Remy. Rylie came with me because she had early release this day and teacher conference, so I just kept her home with me the whole day. She would've only gone to school for 2 hours anyway and they weren't doing normal lessons, so she didn't miss anything.

Happy to be with sissy!

I just love this photo of Remy waiting on the music to start.

Rylie LOVED seeing her former teacher, Miss Lala! It made me tear up though when Rylie said she didn't remember these songs she used to love to sing from her days going to chapel here :(

Fun at chapel!

Then we went to Remy's class for her party!

Course she loved the cupcake!

Making a craft!

Then on Halloween Friday, Rylie got to wear a costume to school too!

She had a matching angel one she wore.

I had to get pictures of Remy dressed so cute that morning too. It was our first cold front and she insisted on wearing the black boots! 

She looked so grown up!

We treated Rylie and brought her lunch to school!

It was our first time to eat with her this year and next time, I'll go when Remy's in school! lol 

She was quite the stinker! Rylie loved seeing us though!

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