Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our First Pumpkin Carving and Trick or Treating!

We had a great Halloween this year!

After having lunch with Rylie at her school, Remy and I came home and she napped. Then we picked Rylie up and came home and they talked me into carving a pumpkin! I have a confession, I've never carved a pumpkin in my life, nor have I ever seen one carved, so I had no clue going into this what I was doing!

Grabbed a pumpkin from our porch and ready to begin!

I did buy a pumpkin carving kit many years ago with plans to carve one, but we've never done one until now!

Pulling the top off! Remy said "it's just like at school!" So I guess her class did this at school lol

Pulling out the gunk! 

They were really good at this part!

Here's video of them pulling the top off and getting out the seeds....

Then we taped on the design and did the rolling dot thing. That was harder than it looked!

Carving out the design! That part was easier than I thought!

Rylie pushing out the pieces

Ta-da! Our masterpiece!

I'm really pretty proud of this! It's not perfect, but I think I did good for my first time!

We had just finished with our pumpkin when Mimi and Gaga arrived! We had frozen pizza for dinner then the girls got their costumes on (can I just say how grown they seemed this year running upstairs after dinner and putting their costumes on by themselves for the first time).

Presenting......Elsa and Anna (#395383 I'm sure!)

Rylie insisted I put baby powder in her hair, but all I had was a tiny bottle with not much left so it's just a little white lol

She loves Olaf!

Rylie was "in character" the whole time!

Remy wanted candy lol

The girls were so excited Mimi and Gaga came trick or treating with us this year! We love when Halloween's on a Friday!

My girls and I

Ready to go!

Lauren was also Elsa!

Rylie and Raegan

Neighbor group!

We had to get out the wagon after a few streets!

This garage was decorated with black trash bags and scary Halloween music playing. Rylie got candy from the door and as she walked back down the driveway, this clown appeared behind her and she turned around and screamed. lol Remy spent the rest of the night saying "I wanna go back to scary gawage." LOL

We had a fun night and the girls got way too much candy! We loved the cold front that came through that night too! It was in the 40's the next morning and we kicked off November with our first fire in the fireplace!

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