Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Madeline's Christmas

This past Sunday, Rylie got to see her first theater play, Madeline's Christmas!!
Of course we had to take her when my friend told me this show was performing locally! She still has big love for Madeline. She was so excited to wear her costume and bring her doll and her own copy of the book (which was a gift from Mimi's friend Janie that started all her love for Madeline!)
My mother in law and I took her since it's sort of "our" thing with Rylie.

 Our big girl!

(Seriously this costume is 3 years old! It used to be a long dress on her lol)

 The play was really cute and afterwards, the cast was doing meet and greets out front!

Everyone loved Rylie's costume! These girls were so sweet!

The cook and the genie!


Rylie was so beside herself to meet them both!

Best photo!! They were the sweetest cast and Rylie loved them all!
We got a special treat for Remy since she was too little to see the play.

Her own doll and Madeline cookie!
She was so excited after nap to get her surprise! She kept saying "It's for ME?! This is MINE?!" She LOVES her Madeline doll and carries her around ALL DAY and takes such good care of her. We've had talks about how special she is and she just adores her. Another Madeline fan in the making!


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