Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Parties,Pumpkin Patch, and Fall Decor!

I have major picture overload, but first these 2 random photos.

Me and the girls at Rylie's school's spirit night 2 weeks ago. We'd never been before and apparently they take your picture and give you a print of it!

We saw this display in a store and Remy "hugged" it and said "don't look sad, I'll visit all the time, I promise!" Apparently she needs friends. lol

I went to a fun Halloween Bunco party last week at my friend Celine's house. She was Maleficent and I was Cleopatra!

Some other friends that attended. (Please don't kill me for posting these, yall! lol)

Then, Saturday after family pictures we took the girls to the pumpkin patch!

Remember this dress I made for Rylie 4 years ago? Now Remy wears it and I made a matching shirt and skirt for Rylie to wear!

Remy's done with pictures now!

My big girl on her last day as a 6 year old!

And pumpkin patch pictures throughout the years.....

After pumpkin pictures, the girls got to do a few things at the festival too.

Rylie chose the football throw game

And dunking booth! Remy did a fishing game.

Fun family day!

Then Saturday night I took Rylie to a Girl Scout Halloween party!

She was Jasmine (a costume I found for $5 at Party City a few months ago!)

Me and my girl dressed and ready to go!

Rylie and her troop!

I'm so sad, Rylie did her first SWAPS (pictured above) and then someone took her bag (with her name and troop # on it) and she didn't get to bring any of her new SWAPS home :(

Making a craft!

Matching tattoos with her friend

More tattoos!

It was a fun and wild night!

More Halloween cuteness from Remy.....

"Orange and black" day at school and she didn't want her picture taken

Stylin in a shirt that was a gift at our MOPS meeting.

And here's some photos of my Fall decor this year! I did a lot of improvements since losing most of what I had last year.

And I did a lot more outside this year!

Can't believe October's almost over already!!!

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