Friday, October 24, 2014

David's Xterra and Remy's Big Girl Bed

Before I left for the MOMcon, David's mom and Craig brought over Remy's new mattress for her big girl bed and switched out vehicles with David. His Nissan Xterra has had quite a few problems over the years and was very expensive on gas. So we sold it and David's driving his mom's old car right now. I took some pictures of David with his beloved Nissan before it left our house.

He loved this Nissan a lot! When I met him almost 10 years ago, it was brand new. Then after we got married, it was our only vehicle for awhile (which was all we needed since we worked at the same place). There were lots of drives to Houston to visit family in the Nissan.

David's going to miss his Xterra! lol

I have to also post these photos from our wedding in the Nissan.

Farewell, Xterra! You served us well the past 9 1/2 years!

So when Mimi and Gaga did the vehicle change, they also brought Remy's mattress over for her new big girl bed!

So excited about her "purple bed!!!!"

Her and the faces she makes! lol

Love this silly girl!

What do you mean it's time for bed?

They both love that they can lay together better in the big bed!

And Remy LOVES that Mommy can lay with her now when reading bedtime stories!

Her new bedroom isn't finished yet. All we have is the bed and curtains done. I'll post photos later when we get to finishing it. So far we're loving the colors and she still tells me "I love that Daddy paint my walls bwew!"

Took this photo of her napping this week. So far she's done GREAT in her big girl bed. We still have her room empty though, but did turn on her water to her sink and she's been real good about not playing so far. Can't believe we're done with cribs in this house!

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