Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rylie's 7th Birthday and "Frozen" Party!!!

Rylie's birthday was Sunday, October 19 and we had a fun day with just our little family celebrating her turning 7!

I made her some special pancakes for breakfast!

Then we went to church!

They had just received pumpkins for their little patch so we took a few pictures of the girls in their "R" dresses (both were consignment finds at a steal!)

After church, Rylie and I watched a movie and Remy napped. Then we went to an early dinner at Rylie's request, a nearby Mexican restaurant that would sing to her and make her wear a "big hat."

Remy especially loved the sombrero!

After dinner we came home and had cookie cake and she opened the presents from us!

Reading Remy's card

Opening one of Remy's gifts, the little tiny Anna and Elsa "Frozen" dolls in their coronation outfits!

Remy's other gift to her, the "Frozen" microphone! Now she can do her karaoke at home lol

Opening Mommy and Daddy's gift!

The Elsa costume and crown! Finally! So Remy insisted on putting on her Anna costume too! These will be their Halloween costumes as well!

Then Rylie's birthday party was the following Sunday, October 26 at a local painting place.

Birthday party day!

Our family before the party started

Our birthday girl!

The table setup

The wonderful cake! And Rylie's toys doubled as cake toppers!

Yummy cupcakes!!

Invitation I made and more decorations

The goody cups had hot cocoa mix and marshmallows (because each guest painted a hot cocoa mug!), rock candy, stickers, pencil, snowflake straw, and "Frozen" fruit chews all in a "Frozen" drinking cup.

Picking out her colors!

Raegan and Zoe


Remy painted with Mimi and her friend Lauren

Remy's first painting to do there!

Rylie said before the party she wanted her cup brown in the inside like hot chocolate and blue on the outside with snow.

All the party guests (4 ended up not coming)

Charlotte and Arya and Brianna

Maddie from school

Remy's baby "Carol" also made an appearance!

Rylie's cute snowman she drew on her cup

Group photo!

Silly faces!

The little ones!

Time to sing!

She loves this part ;)

Making her wish!

Time for cake!

Remy's favorite party! lol She kept demanding "cake" the entire time!

Opening her presents!

Love this blue sweater!

PRECIOUS lighthouse bracelet!!

Elsa jewelry set!

Loves her giftcards!

Her first lego set! She's just started getting into these.

And then the grand finale of presents....

Her guitar!!

It was the number one thing she's asked for, for months!

So excited!

Rylie with her Grandma who made the trip from Waco for the party and her Mimi!

So glad her birthday and party were so special for her! She's been telling everyone she's seen the past few weeks that she's now SEVEN! Such a big girl!