Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Remy's Returns to Preschool!

Remy had her first day back to school yesterday!

She's been counting down until her school started again!

2013 and 2014 First Day pictures 
(1 yr old Bear class and 2 yr old Fish class)

This was also exactly 1 week until she turns 3!! So it was a double-emotional day for me!

She's always so excited for school, and then as soon as we walk into the building, she gets clingy and says "Mommy hold you!" I had to pry her off me to take her picture by her class wall. Then of course it started thundering and pouring rain when I walked her into her room. 

I kept her occupied with a magna-doodle then tried to sneak out, but she came rushing out the door in tears behind me screaming "MOMMY!!!" I stayed a minute and comforted her, then headed out. I watched her walk into chapel not 10 minutes later and she was fine. 

Look how good she's sitting and listening to her teacher! (left side with bow in hair, between orange shirt boy and pink shirt girl)

She said she had a great day, but didn't take a nap so she was extremely cranky last night! 

Sidenote-this was me exactly 3 years ago yesterday! One week before Remy was born. We're counting down to her 3rd birthday now!!

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