Monday, September 15, 2014

Remy's 3rd Birthday Party!

I can't believe that's the title of this post! Third I keep forgetting she's already 3 now.

We had a cute birthday party for her at the house the Saturday before last!

We had great weather, although pretty warm for 10 am!

Some decorations throughout the house....

I just used all of Rylie's old Strawberry Shortcake toys for decor!

The food table!

I did individual fruit bowls for each character on the show

The cake I made! Far from what I was going for, but I had some issues with the frostings. Remy LOVED the look of it and that's all that matters :)

Since David HAS to have meat at everything, I also got a Chick Fil-A chicken mini tray.

And made some blueberry muffins (that honestly came out horribly! never buying that mix again!)

Lemonade for our girl, Lemon Meringue!

I set up a coloring table with Strawberry Shortcake birthday pages they have on the website and some SS stickers.

The girls dug into that waiting for the guests to arrive.

outside decor

Then we moved the party outside when her friends got there. I bought strawberry-scented bubbles for little tot's bubble machine. Course she LOVED the bubbles!

Her friends Carter and Sophie came!

And cute little Benjamin and his brother Noah


Raegan and her little sister Lauren

Girl Scout buds Brianna and Marissa

Little Benny's so cute!

Blowing her own bubbles!

Conway and Carter


Remy's baby doll she's obsessed with at Mimi's house came too! With a new party outfit on! This is the doll she was glued to the hip to while we were in Maine! It stays at Mimi's house and has become like a real human now LOL

Remy's MOPS buddy, Kate

Big sister enjoying the party

Rylie and Raegan colored a picture together (without fighting :gasp:)

Taking a break for a snack

More fun outside!

Pinata time!
I got this pinata at a party store in the Heights, our first "from Mexico" and not from Party City or the like. This thing is stuffed with newspaper and thick wire all throughout. I wasn't sure I could get any candy in her, but managed to press the newspaper down and make a hollow part on her back. Remy had gotten attached to her "friend" leading up to her party. I wasn't sure how she'd do at pinata time, but she'd requested a "pitata" after doing it at Carter, Sophie, and Emorie's party last month.

Turns out, you can just tell her there's suckers in it for her and she's all game!

Grayson at the pinata

Getting their loot!

Then we finally got a family picture taken (all hot and sweaty now lol)

And pictures with the grandparents

Uncle Daniel

My mom visited us that weekend for the party too!

Time for cake!

Singing to our girl....

Blowing out the candle

Our mad house

Remy got the first piece and I was busy serving the others and Remy just took herself outside to enjoy her cake by herself lol

A few friends requested Remy open her gift before they left. Rhys had to help get hers out of the bag for Remy. It's the cutest Strawberry Shortcake Marketplace set! 

Rylie has the Cafe set, so now they each play with their sets next to each other. It's so cute! I admit, I play with it too!

Remy and Rhys!

So cute!

Opening Raegan and Lauren's gift, sweet Sophia nightgown (that she's already worn no less than 4 times, I swear)

Reading her card with her buddy, Miss Sharon

The favor table

I had these cookies made from Miss Marie's again (she made Remy's cupcake cookies for her 1st birthday too)

AND this is the tray of ice cream cups I'd made at 8am and totally forgot to hand out at cake time!! Grrrrr!

After the guests left, Remy opened some of her gifts.......

She loved it all!! She was really tired though and had to leave some for the next morning.

The girls playing with Remy's new toy together

Opening the rest!

She wanted to put that Frozen outfit on RIGHT AWAY!

Ooooh Frozen panties too!!

She had a really great birthday celebration! Thanks again everyone for coming/sending her love!

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