Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Remy on her birthday

Remy's actual birthday was Tuesday, September 9 so we tried having a special day with little celebrations.

We started by waking her up with singing "Happy Birthday!"

She got her lion and said it's his birthday too.

Love this photo of the 3 of them!

Sissy was excited for Remy!

These are the cutest pictures of the girls too.....

David left for work and I took the girls to a special early breakfast before Rylie had to be at school.

Dunkin Donuts!

Excited girl! 
(And for the record, I got 3 donuts and myself an iced coffee and only paid $2! Love the coupons they give!)

After dropping Rylie off, I took Remy to the mall with her Build-A-Bear she made on her birthday last year.

She had fun picking out a new outfit for her! 

And they let her ring the bell when she was done.

Heading out with her bear's new outfit-a purple one of course, her favorite color!

Then we met our friends Kate and her mom for lunch! Kate was so sweet and brought Remy a birthday balloon. The girls played hard for almost 2 hours and these were the best photos I could get of them.

Hugs goodbye! Thanks for meeting us Kate!

We got home and napped a little, picked up Rylie from school, then napped some more. I was worn out! We did frozen pizza for dinner, one of Remy's favorites instead of eating out since it was a school night. Then Remy got to open her presents from Rylie and Mommy and Daddy and some cards that came in the mail!

Rylie gave her more of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. She's only missing Plum Pudding now, so if anyone finds it, let me know! For some reason, that one is going for $60+ online!

Mommy and Daddy's special gift to her!

I wish I'd gotten on video her pulling this out and saying "Oh  my goodness, it's a costume!!" LOL

Had to put on the Anna from Frozen costume RIGHT AWAY, of course!!


She was in heaven!

Love my sweet 3 year old!

Happy birthday, little tot! We love you so much! Glad we could celebrate with you all day!

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