Monday, September 29, 2014

Girl Scouts Return & Other Tidbits

My small camera has bit the dust (one of the reasons for my lack of blogging) so here's another cell phone dump!

Allergy season has kicked in! Rylie stayed home from school due to allergies a couple weeks ago. Seems we're all sniffly and congested. Then she had picture day (the day a monsoon came through from the hurricane in Mexico). Hopefully they turned out cute still!

We started back in Girl Scouts this month and Rylie's selling Fall Product now. She's been so great and took initiative at reaching her goal, passed it, and wants to keep selling!

Remy's just been "Remy" at home! Such a stinker most days! But still the cutest thing. She got in this basket one morning and said "Take me to the beach, Mommy!" NO clue where she got that idea?

Remy dressed for blue day and actually gave me a smile! She also LOVES her new Frozen outfit from her birthday!

We had a picnic after our MOPS meeting 2 weeks ago and used our "new" (vintage) picnic basket for the first time.

We painted Remy's room last week so she slept in Rylie's bed while Rylie had slumber party with us. Remy was so excited and thought she was big stuff in there. There were tears (from both girls) when Remy's room was done and she returned to her own bed.

Rylie "helped" write a grocery list last week. lol Remy had been hitting her that morning so she wanted a "nice Remy." She also wanted sushi to try it and more printer paper to use for coloring/drawing.

First day of Fall called for homemade chili and cornbread from scratch! So good!!

Rylie wanted her picture in a new school outfit she wore the first time and Remy hopped in the picture too. Cutest girls!

Remy had picture day at her school last week too! Not sure how they'll turn out. It was a weird setup with her sitting inside a locker. Yes, you  read that correctly. I'll post them when I get them!

I took Rylie to her school's bingo night last week. We love bingo! She was SO excited about it, she changed into this dress with necklace and did her hair. She said she wanted to look nice for the bingo game :)

I took Rylie's troop to a special Intellectual Property, Trademarks, and Patents workshop hosted by the US Government and they learned how to be inventors and how to patent their invention and learned what trademarks are and are now on the lookout for the little TM on logos! They received a special patch from the US Government too!

That's about all we've been up to lately. I've been trying to keep my head above water right now. There's just always 3853742 things on my to do list and the hours seem to fly by! I'm never caught up and it's only going to get worse when the holidays start. I haven't even started on Rylie's birthday party that's just weeks away. So get used to the sporadic posts. I try to get on here when I can.

Conways Birthday Party

I took Remy to her friend Conway's firetruck birthday party earlier this month. It was the cutest!

She LOVED this springy horsey!

All the toys were firetrucks!

See Remy up there?

Of course the cake was fabulous! Conway always has the fanciest cakes at his parties!

My little firegirl! We had so much fun with our friends! 
Happy Birthday Conway!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Remy's School Celebration & 3 Year Updates

Yesterday, Remy got to celebrate her birthday at school!!

She didn't go to school last week because it was her birthday Tuesday, then on Wednesday she had her first tummy bug. She threw up for the first time, and poor thing was scared to death of it! So she stayed home Thursday after a long night of little "sicks" and changing of the sheets over and over. She never had a fever and was fine all day Friday, thankfully.

So today was her delayed school celebration!

Miss Beth!

I thought it'd be a good idea to prepare her for today and told her before school she'd get to go on stage with Miss Beth and they'd sing "Happy Birthday" to her. Well, it made her nervous and drop off was horrible with her clinging to me saying "I scared of chapel." But when they brought her in, she was happy as can be!

She also thought what I said meant she could go up there with Miss Beth during the WHOLE chapel, not just the Happy Birthday part.

Cute girl!

Her friend Conway (Miss Stefany's boy) also celebrated his birthday (his party post is coming up too)! He's the cutest little dude!

Sitting like a lady during chapel!


NOW it's time for Remy to go on stage! She wasn't shy at all and answered Miss Beth when she asked how old she is with a loud THREE!

Cutest girl!

Love her expressions!
She brought cookies for her class too, but I headed home after chapel so she wouldn't be upset again.

I also wanted to post some updates on Remy so I don't forget.......

  • Height and weight check hasn't been done yet. Her 3 year checkup is in November when we switch insurances.
  • Wears sz 3 clothes (and steals Rylie's nightgowns sometimes). Some 4's fit too.
  • Size 9/9.5 shoes.
  • Still not potty-trained. BUT she did go peepee on the potty just 2 nights ago! Progress!
  • Can dress herself completely (she even changes her own pullup in the mornings sometimes).
  • Is horrible to take in stores. She just unbuckles the straps in her stroller and slides on out and hides between the clothes on racks and runs off from us. Hopefully this stage is short-lived!
  • Favorite foods are waffles, bananas, yogurt, raspberries, strawberries, PBJ sandwich, puffs, goldfish, chicken pot pie, pizza, chicken and ketchup, cheeseburger, mac n cheese, grilled cheese sandwich, suckers! Not a big fan of chocolate and her favorite ice cream is strawberry.
  • Favorite things to play are dressup, strawberry shortcake dolls (holds them and does voices for each one with little dialogue), her new Frozen tea set, Frozen dolls, blocks (bristle and magnetic sets she has), looking at books pretending to read, and little pretend things like her kitchen and doll house. She also loves playing on sister's Leap Pad (hint: Santa).
  • She is very picky about what she wants! She is also quick to change her mind! It drives us crazy. She'll ask for something, more like whine and insist on it, and once we hand it to her (ie cup of milk), she'll change her mind and want water. We go back and forth a lot with her and it's so annoying. lol
  • She remembers more than we realize! When we went back to school shopping in Katy for Rylie, she remembered being out there and said "I go to birthday party there" and pointed to the street we turned on. When I took her to our mall for her birthday, she said "I see Lion King?" and remembered months ago we went and there was a Lion King poster inside. It wasn't even the same mall entrance we went in and she still remembered that was at this mall.
  • She loves her sister more than anything! Every night, she has to give her hugs and kisses several times before bed. When we pick Rylie up from school in the afternoon, Remy right away asks "Did you have good day at school, Rylie?" All on her own. It's the sweetest thing.
  • She is still scared of thunder, but doesn't scream because of it anymore.
  • She's definitely attached to Mommy! She cannot go to bed without seeing Mommy and getting hugs every night. Sometimes I have to lay with her a minute (we're in the process of moving her to big-girl full size bed and that'll be nice to have for moments like this!)

That's all I can think of right now!