Friday, August 22, 2014

Visits With Friends In DFW Area

Right after my family reunion, we drove up to Euless, Tx to visit our friends Erin and Eric and their boys! We had a yummy dinner at Fuddruckers then headed to their house, where they were kind enough to let us stay with them!

The girls stylin in their boys' animal towels after baths!

All 4 of our kiddos the next morning!

And then a silly face one!

They were so good playing together and I'm glad we got to see them on this trip!

After we left Erin and Eric's house, we stopped in to visit my friend Brianna and her husband, also named Eric! They had us over at their beautiful new home in Lewisville,Tx.

Rylie got to try on one of Brianna's state crowns and banner (Brianna is a two-time National titleholder, by the way and the National crown was too big on Rylie!)

I wish I'd taken a photo of the girls in Brianna's media room. She was kind enough to put on an American Girl movie for them and they were all cozy in her recliner chairs and Rylie said "This is so cool!" And they were so good and stayed up there watching their movie while we visited downstairs. (Rylie's already started talking about cleaning out our playroom and having a media room again)

Brianna's brother, Trevor was over too and the girls LOVED him!

They were laughing so much playing with him and his hat!

After eating, Trevor, Brianna, and Trevor's girlfriend took us around the neighborhood so the girls could play on their numerous playgrounds!

And my girls had a blast riding on their golf cart!

These playgrounds were so awesome and unique!

This one had underground tunnels that connected to different sections.

And a stage inside a "castle" look

Did I mention Brianna's also expecting her first baby?! Eeek! So excited for them! She was sweet to push Remy on the swings. Getting her practice on!

The next playground had this cool dragon to climb on!

And the 3rd playground was bigger and had numerous new things I've never seen before!

This was a neat "boat" someone rotates the lever and it comes or goes.

The girls loved riding on that. Seriously, our neighborhood needs to step up their playground game after visiting these!

We headed out for our long drive home after wearing the girls out. Unfortunately we were 45 minutes out and my car a/c went out. So we drove the next 4 hours in 100 degree heat with no a/c.
We stopped for dinner and were so happy for ice water and to cool off!

I had a MOPS leadership meeting last week while my car was in the shop and thankfully a friend let us ride with them.

I picked up my car last Saturday and thankfully the repair was covered completely under warranty!! Coincidentally, the day I took my car in to the shop was exactly 1 day before the warranty expired. Thank you, God for warranties!! And thank you for a/c in Texas!! 

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