Monday, August 18, 2014

Tutu and Stache Bash

At the beginning of August I took the girls to our friends house for their 3 daughters' joint birthday party. It was the CUTEST theme: Tutu and 'Stache Bash!

Tiffany did such a great job on every detail of the party! There were tutus and mustaches for each guest.

The girls helped themselves to tutus right away!

Remy zero'd in on the bubble machine right away!

They had "pin the mustache" on the girl with pictures of the 3 girls outside. 

Such a cute idea!

Remy loves her strawberries!

I had to make both girls sit and eat something, they were having so much fun!

The adorable cupcakes and tutu pictures

Emorie, the baby was turning 1!

Big sister Carter stepped in to show her how it's done.

Both big sisters helped her out!

Carter (left) turned 5 and Sophie (right) turned 3!

Their cute hand/foot print tutu pictures

Rylie loved the funny glasses with mustache

Tutu pinata!

Remy giving a go at the pinata (which she called "pitata" the rest of the day and asked for a "pitata" for her party too)

The pinata was full of dum dums!

You know this girl was in heaven!

Playing some more!

Got her to keep it on for 2 seconds for a picture hehe!

Rylie and her buddy Carter. I just have to add this picture of Carter and Rylie at Carter's 1st birthday! Crazy how much they've grown!! We miss our buddies living next door versus an hour away, but glad we've kept in touch!

More bubble fun!

Me and Tiffany, the mom (who looks way too good for having 3 kids under 5!)

Photo booth fun!

They had piggy bank party favors by the door.

So much fun seeing our friends at the cutest birthday party!

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