Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Rest of July

I've been a bad blogger, I know. It's just crazy this Summer since we got back from Maine. I'm planning Remy's birthday party (that's only weeks away now!), been doing a Bible Study, Book Club, crazy busy with MOPS leadership things (I'm in the publicity/newsletter role this year), attempting to potty-train, finishing the reading program, and preparing for upcoming Girl Scout year! The one day a week Remy was doing MDO was great, but she's out now until school starts back. So I basically only have about 2 hours each afternoon during nap time to get things done and the blog has not even been at the top of my list this past month! I'm ignoring the 2 couches full of laundry I spent all morning folding and going to catch up a little on the bloggity blog.

When we got home from Maine, one of the first things Rylie wanted to do was make pancakes using her hand-mixer she bought at an antique store in Maine!

So while Remy was in school that Thursday, I instructed her on how to make them on her own.

She did it all herself!

And LOVED using her new hand mixer!

Since we finished reading "Charlotte's Web" right before our trip, we found "Matilda" at a bookstore in Maine and have started reading that. She's already seen the movie where the girl makes herself pancakes with a mixer just like this, so that's why she was insistent on buying it!

And I taught her how to cook the pancakes too!

She did pretty good flipping.

So proud of herself!

Yummy breakfast courtesy of Rylie Paige!

We had a playdate at a MOPS friend's house one afternoon and she gave me some clothes her daughter outgrew for Remy.

Remy LOVES these red cowgirl boots! I had to hide them because she was so obsessed with them!

We joined some MOPS friends for a playdate one morning. It's a fun inside play place I'd never taken the girls to before, but they both loved it!

Course Remy wanted to climb!

And climb some more!

And jump around!

Both girls LOVED the little roller coasters there!

Remy being sweet hugging the horsy!

Rylie said "I'm like charlotte in a web!"

We have also been attempting to potty train Remster! Rylie's been a great little assistant!

It's not been very successful though. We've just been so crazy this Summer I haven't been as consistent as I was with Rylie at this age. 

Peptalk from big sister! So sweet!
We decided to hold off until school starts back and get into a routine again. I think that'll be a huge help!

This girl just loves taking "selfies!"

 Rylie went to work with Mimi a couple of days

And both girls sported their new Mimi shirts! They were supposed to be a surprise for the girls to wear on the Maine trip, but they didn't arrive until after we got home.

And of course, they're Mimi's favorite color (and Remy's too). Remy wants to wear hers everyday!

Just so yall don't forget what I look like ;-)

I curled my hair one day and really liked it!

My Girl Scout co-leader came over one afternoon to plan the upcoming year and order things, and Rylie was still at her Mimi's so David took Remy outside to play in the water!

So much fun!!

"This pool's fun and all, but I have a better idea!"

Oh yeah!

Look what she's already learning! lol


She had A BLAST with Daddy!!

Then we went with our friends to dinner and Remy talked Daddy into ice cream after dinner!

He got her favorite, strawberry (which she calls raspberry for some reason, but just so you know if she ever asks you for raspberry ice cream she really means strawberry)

Yum! Yum!

I finally got a new battery ordered for Rylie's police car!

Remy kept reminding me EVERY DAY as we got into Mommy's car that she wanted to ride in "black car"

So after it arrived the girls had fun dusting it off and taking it for a spin!

Such sweetness!

Then later that same afternoon Raegan and Lauren came over to play and the girls wanted to dig for worms!!

Of all things!

Then they wanted to make a home for the worms!

Rylie was at Mimi's one Sunday with Daddy and helped give her K9 cousin, Samantha a bath with uncle Daniel!

Rylie and I snuck out to a lunch by ourselves one day while David worked from home.

I love doing big girl things one-on-one with her so she gets undivided attention sometimes. It's rare she gets that anymore.

 Cute girls before taking Remy to school one day!

And Rylie finished her reading program and got a medal again this year! She read 50 books from the start of June to the end of July! So proud of her!

We've had a few events in August already too so I'll try to get those posted before another month passes by! School starts back in 2 weeks!!! (Not that I'm counting down or anything)  ;-)

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