Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rylie Takes on 1st Grade

Twas the night before first grade when all through the house....lots of us were stirring, but thankfully no mouse!

Stories were read.....

a special lunch was made, a snack was packed and prayers were prayed.

Pictures were taken in the morning with care

to remember your size and how pretty your hair.

Nails were done at the crack of dawn, but Mommy did them before the moment was gone!

A treat for your teacher, in a cute little sack.....

After breakfast, it was time to put on your pack!

Time to head out the door! 
How could this be? 
You're not in Kindergarten anymore!

First grade, here I come!

(Mommy cried as soon as she got home)

You're growing up quickly,

Such a big girl!

I hope and pray you do well in this new First Grade world!

You met with the Principal,

then off to your class.

Said hi to your teacher,

A friend! Now I know you'll have a blast!

Hugs for Mommy,

Saying goodbye to Dad,

You start your first assignment and you look so glad!

One more peek as I go,

I know you'll do great.

And I'll see you at pickup.
I can't hardly wait.

{My not-so-good attempt at rhyming! Rylie had a great first day of school and it was definitely harder on Mommy this year for some reason. She gets out later in the day and has homework every single night. First grade is such a big step, but I know she'll do great!}

Rylie's first days of school

And I have to share this funny video. Love all their videos they make!

Rylie even told me Monday morning that I could dance like these moms and go shopping without her. It was her attempt to cheer me up because I kept crying while taking her to school lol

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