Sunday, August 31, 2014

Remy's Orientation (and our first week of school)

Rylie had a great first week of school!

I wish I'd taken more pictures in her cute new school clothes, but we're still getting into a new routine. She made me take this photo Friday in her new dress to send to her Mimi. She's been pretty tired this week waking up early again and staying over an hour later each day than last year. Then it's 30 minutes of fun at home before she has to get her bath while I make dinner and after we eat, it's homework/reading, pack lunch, lay out clothes and bedtime. We were all pretty tired by Friday!

I've had a great week at home with this little tot! We've played and she's just been my cute little buddy with everything.

We had to stop at HEB after dropping of Rylie last Tues and I'd read online that Starbucks was bringing Pumpkin Spice Latte early this year so we stopped in our new one by HEB and were bummed to find out this location didn't get it early. But they gave Remy her own "coffee" (milk in a coffee cup)

So we drank our drinks together (which she called hers coffee) then hit up the store

I've been going through bread like crazy between Rylie's school lunches and David's work lunches. By Wed we'd finished one loaf! I remember when Rylie was little and it was hard for us to finish a loaf in a week, so we barely bought bread. Now it's a huge staple in our house!

Remy has had earlier lunches and naps this week so she gets a good one in before car rider pickup for Rylie! It's been a crazy week doing car rider and we usually wait 20-30 minutes in line. Remy entertains herself though :)

I found a Dunkin Donuts gift card with a small balance in my car (from my birthday in Jan-the card had a Christmas wreath picture on it lol) so I treated Remy and I on Thur after we dropped Rylie off. At least they have pumpkin spice lattes now :)

Remy had her school orientation that morning so we needed to kill an hour before going to that anyways.

She was SO excited to be going to her little preschool that day, but as soon as we arrived, she clung to me and acted SO shy! She buried her head in my shoulder and sat on my lap during the orientation in chapel. She finally opened up a little in her room (same room she was in during the Summer, so a little familiar)

She's in the Fish class now, and insisted on wearing her "fish" shirt

I was listening to her teachers talk about their classroom this year while Remy lined up all the trucks

And I mean ALL the trucks hehe

Having a little snack and listening to her teachers

Her sweet teachers! Miss Diane and Miss "Mikki" as Remy calls her. She does have 1 girl from her class last year joining her this year, so she's happy about that. Looking forward to her school starting Tuesday!

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