Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Make Something Monday

I had setup calendars for our Summer and make "backup activities" for each day of the week: Make Something Monday (small crafts, cookies), Take a Trip Tuesday (we had Bible Study this day but on days we didn't I thought we could get snow cones or do library), Wet and Wild Wednesday (community pool, backyard slip n slide, sprinklers), That's Easy Thursday (Remy in MDO so errands with Rylie), Fun with Friends Friday (we knew we'd have playdates and visit Mimi these days).

SO I thought on days where we just had nothing to do and the girls were driving me crazy, I'd have the above as a backup plan to fill in the void. Did I follow these at all this Summer? ONCE! I feel really bad I've yet to take the girls swimming at our community pool and this is the last week of Summer!

But one Monday, the girls were restless and I was sick of watching Strawberry Shortcake for the 100th time so I pulled out some Target-dollar-section crafts and said "Get to work! It's Make Something Monday!"

So they made visor hats!

And painted sunshine magnet picture frames!

They were really excited for something new to do!

"No more pictures, mom!"

Rylie was so sweet making her hat and said she wanted to give it to a kid with Cancer since they wear hats. I had to explain to her they don't wear this kind. But she's got such a sweet heart.

We had to go out to the Dollar Tree later this day to buy more craft items because the girls loved this so much! (And who cares Remy later tore her hat up and it ended up in the trash? It gave them something to do and she worked on her fine motor skills, so score!)

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