Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Last Days of Summer

Rylie officially started 1st grade yesterday. Cue the tears :( But I'll write all about that in a separate post tomorrow. First I need to recap the rest of our Summer break!

Rylie ran errands with me the weekend before last and one of them was hanging MOPS posters in local businesses, so of course we had to get ourselves a yummy sno-cone while putting a poster in Bahama Bucks!

So pretty for church!

Sweet hugs!

I had Book Club last Monday and Rylie was mad she couldn't go, so Tuesday morning she setup her play tent and had a book club meeting with Remy and I wasn't invited!

At least she loves to read! Hehe!

Wednesday our friends Owen and Ethan were in town for a visit but only had an hour so we met up at our playground. It was great to see them! The boys have grown SO MUCH since last year! I can't believe how big our kids are getting. It was great to visit with Susan too. It's never enough time though.

The girls and I had to run downtown to the Girl Scout store that afternoon and load up on supplies because we start meeting next week!

And I just have to add, it thundered Mon-Wed at the same time each day-Remy's naptime. Oh how I loathe thunder at naptime. It wasn't fun.

Thursday I surprised the girls and finally took them swimming (for the first time this Summer!)

To say they were excited is an understatement :)

We didn't do the kiddie pool because I figured it'd be crowded and I didn't want to deal with other people's kids lol So we had the plain pool all to ourselves!

A couple of videos.....

The plain pool has a little "kiddie" area with just fountains that the girls went back and forth to.

I packed lots of snacks that Remy gobbled up!

Little sun bathing

Little time out ;-)

She wanted to look underwater, but was afraid she'd "drown" so she added another floaty lol can't be too safe I guess!

After several hours, it was time to head out!

And cool off with sno-cones to go!

Love that they have drive thru!

That Thursday evening was Rylie's "meet the teacher" 
We went ahead and brought her school supplies. It was bright outside and both my girls had their eyes closed. Remy insisted on helping Rylie carry her supplies.

After getting her teacher's name, we headed to the classroom!

Her teacher had the room decorated in western/rodeo theme.

She had a photo booth set up with props and wanted each students' picture.

Rylie and her new teacher!

Her teacher gave each student these cute boot-shaped cups filled with goodies.

Rylie has been more nervous this year than last. She was REALLY nervous at meet the teacher. She was so excited all day about going, but the second she walked into her new classroom, she clammed up and wouldn't talk to her teacher. I'd never seen her act that shy. She's usually so outgoing. SO I asked her what she wanted for dinner and said we could go anywhere (David worked late so it was just us girls) and Rylie picked our favorite local Mexican restaurant. They just so happened to be doing karaoke this night! Rylie begged to sing, so I told her she could only if she eats her entire dinner. Well, that's one way to get her to eat, I discovered! She cleared her plate in record time! So I signed her up and she sang in front of a restaurant full of people for the first time! She even had a little backup dancer :)

So proud of my girl! I wouldn't have been brave enough to do that!

Friday morning I took the girls swimming again!

Remy was so cute in a swimsuit a friend gave her with matching sandals. All but 1 swimsuit that was Rylie's is too small for Remy because she's so tall. This one fit perfectly!

And our friends joined us this time! Remy and Lauren were all about the snacks! lol

Rylie and Raegan practiced swimming without floaties and they did great! 

Both of them can now swim across this width where the stairs are without floaties or touching!

Proud girls!

Then we all grabbed sno-cones after swimming for 4 hours! It was hotter this day too, so this hit the spot!

That night we had a MOPS spa night. I wrote the time down wrong and was an hour late, oops! But I wasn't alone so everyone still got to drink my punch I brought and I still had time to get my nails done. Now I at least look like I have everything together this Fall when things start back up. Hehe!

Rylie was bummed she couldn't go to my spa night, so David set up a "spa chair" for her at home and he actually did her toe nails! He's never painted any of our nails before, so I was surprised he actually painted her toe nails. It was the cutest thing! Totally made her night (and mine too)!

Saturday I finally got Rylie's hair cut for school! And don't you just love her outfit?! She put this together and insisted on wearing it and also insisted the entire time she was not hot. lol

Remy supervised with a lollipop lol

Saturday night Rylie had a campout in the living room!

She wanted to wear her "smores" shirt since we were doing smores. We really just ate the items without roasting marshmallows.

We sat in her tent and watched her new favorite show "Girl Meets World." It's cool how I loved watching "Boy Meets World" as a kid and now Cory and Topanga are grown up and this show's about their daughter (named Riley) and my daughter loves watching it.

Some no-makeup-but-still-cute pictures of us!

We had a great time!

Sunday our church had "blessing of the backpacks" so both girls got to bring theirs!

They held them up during the service and the whole congregation prayed over them. So sweet!

Ready or not, 1st grade here we come!

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