Thursday, August 21, 2014

Family Reunion in Glen Rose

 A couple weeks ago was my family reunion in Glen Rose.

We woke up super early Saturday morning to drive the 4 hours to get there.

We had some special guests this year-I found some distant relatives that lived in Bryan and they made the journey to join us!

He helped me a lot working on updating our family genealogy project.

Had to get a family photo before eating while the girls still looked clean!

Auction and Bingo prizes

Our room at a new venue

These guys are in a band so they performed for us. They were really good!

Goofy husband with the giant giraffe!

Me and my cousin Vanessa

The girls loved the dessert table within reach ;-)

Goofing off!

Then it was time to swim!

Remy's first time in the puddle jumper and she loved it!

Rylie's graduated to arm floaties lol 

They had a blast and I'm glad we made it out this year and I'm really glad to be done with the ancestry project for now!

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