Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School Shopping & Starbucks Opening

Earlier this month we met up with Mimi at an outlet mall to do Rylie's back to school shopping extravaganza we kept calling it!

Remy tagged along too and rode the carousel!

Rylie wanted to sit in the spinning seat and a nice girl let her sit with her.

Rylie begged for Rainforest Cafe for dinner and we worried about Remy being scared (she freaks at the sound of thunder!) but she did great and loved it!

I got some video of her checking everything out....

I took this picture of Rylie's new clothes to send to Mimi so she'd remember everything we bought that day and Remy was so cute! She held up her purple sandals so they'd be in the picture too! She only got flipflops and 1 other pair of cute purple sequin sperry's since she's great on clothes right now. We only bought Rylie long sleeve items, shoes, and 2 new coats because she still has a lot of short sleeve things that fit! She's all set for school now!

This is video of Remy before her last day of Summer MDO....

After dropping Remy off, Rylie and I went to our community's Starbucks Grand Opening, only they were delayed opening another day :-/ But my friend's the morning manager there and let us come in and see the place. Rylie was so cute with her leappad taking pictures of the place so the crew asked her to take their picture! She was beaming to do it!

The next day, Friday we headed to the real Starbucks Grand opening and Rylie was cracking me up with her hairstyle. She wanted to look like "Lemon Meringue" from Strawberry Shortcake.

See the resemblance? lol

I ended up redoing her hair and treated the girls to chocolate milk with whipped cream and cake pops!

Remy freaked out over the chocolate milk and wanted "white milk" but both girls loved their cake pops!

Starbucks newest fans! And they're releasing Pumpkin Spice Latte early this year, the first day of school! I know where I'll be going after dropping of Rylie next week!

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