Friday, July 11, 2014


Before we took our annual trip to Maine, I surprised the girls with a VERY SPECIAL TREAT!!!

I put french braids in their hair (that didn't last long due to their fine hair) and dressed them in their "Frozen" shirts and said we were going to dinner somewhere special.

A friend of mine owns a couple of McDonalds nearby and they were having a special "Meet Anna and Elsa" event!

The girls were VERY SURPRISED AND EXCITED when they arrived!!!

We had special VIP meeting in the back before they came out to everyone in the restaurant.

No paying a fortune for Disney, no fighting for Fastpasses, no waiting in long lines!!


Remy was unsure at first, like she was scared to see them so "big" as opposed to her little dolls hehe

Remy didn't want to turn her back to Elsa at first!

Smiles for Anna and Elsa!!

Hugs for their favorite characters!

Elsa was excited Rylie told her she has the Frozen movie lol

Last goodbyes!!

Then they came out to the restaurant where it was PACKED full of people who were given numbers to meet them.

My poor friend was there for hours calling out numbers until they cut off the line. SO SO GLAD we were able to meet them and thanks so much to my sweet friend for giving us this opportunity!!

Rylie's BFF was there with her family too! Rylie was so excited to get to eat dinner with them (somewhere else, not at McDonalds lol)

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