Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Maine 2014-Tide Pool and 4th of July

Friday, July 4th we went to the Rachel Carlson Tide Pool after breakfast.

It's a really neat area where sea creatures get trapped when the tide gets real low.

Looking for sea creatures!

Ok, I totally get "mother of the year" right here.....

Remy all "I do it!" walking by herself in like 6 inches of water......

Fell down......

Her head never went in the water.....I repeat, HER HEAD NEVER WENT IN THE WATER!

And her Gaga was right by her, so naturally I just took photos of her trying to stand up, but continuously falling down instead.


Rylie and Gaga were laughing with me.

Poor baby!

And she's fine!


FINE! :)

(It was very hilarious and cute to watch! hehe)

Warming up with Mimi! That water was very cold!

And back at it again! All they saw were some little crabs and 1 sea urchin, but they had a blast!

And since Hurricane Arthur made its way up to us, it poured rain the rest of the day!

So we just hung around the house and played!

The girls got a little stir crazy, but we still had fun. It was one of those perfect rains where it just comes straight down, no wind, no lightning, no thunder. And it continued for 24 hours straight. It was so relaxing to sleep to! But they cancelled our usual firework show for that night, but we saw them the next night so it all worked out!

Happy 4th of July!!

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Grandma said...

I wish I could have seen that live. It was just too funny and I'm glad Remy is okay. Hurray for Gaga to rescue her and Mimi to warm her up.
I still think you will make "Mother of the Year".